Proposal for Sunday alcohol sales passes in Harris County, LaGrange

spauff@ledger-enquirer.comMarch 6, 2012 

Voters in unincorporated parts of Harris County passed a measure that would allow alcohol sales at retailers and by the drink on Sunday.

This means grocery and liquor stores in Cataula and Fortson will be able to sell alcohol on Sundays after 12:30 p.m. and that restaurants will be able to offer alcohol sales by the drink on Sundays.

Voters in Muscogee County will be able to vote on Sunday retail sales during the November General Election. Sunday sales by the drink at restaurants in already legal in Columbus.

The measure allowing Sunday alcohol sales by retailers in unincorporated parts of Harris County passed, with 2,601, or 56 percent, voting yes and 2,084, or 44 percent, voting no. A proposal for Sunday sales by the drink at restaurants passed with 2,688 yes votes, or 58 percent, and 1,979 no votes, 42 percent.

Two area cities also passed alcohol measures on Tuesday.

The city of Shiloh in Harris County also approved Sunday alcohol sales by retailers, with 55 voting for the measure and 26 against.

The city of LaGrange in Troup County also approved Sunday sales of alcohol by retailers and Sunday sales by the drink.

In LaGrange, 1,787, or 57 percent, of voters, said yes to allowing Sunday alcohol sales at retailers; 1,367, or 43 percent, said no. A measure to allow Sunday alcohol sales by the drink also passed, with 1,868, or 59 percent, voting yes and 1,294, or 41 percent, voting no.

Nadine Thornell, 73, of Cataula, Ga., voted against both Harris County measures at the Emmanuel Baptist Church precinct.

“I think that you have six days a week that you can buy alcohol, and I don’t think you have to sell it on the Sabbath, the holy day, in order to make a living,” she said after casting her ballot early Tuesday evening.

“If you want to drink that’s fine, but I can’t stand to see anybody drunk,” Thornell added. “I don’t think they should be allowed to drink and drive on the road, even one drink.”

Al Lugo, 58, a pediatric dentist, voted for Sunday sales, even though he doubted the measures would pass in a conservative county.

“I think that everyone else is doing it, and I don’t see any reason why somebody responsible wouldn’t be able to do it,” said Lugo, a Cataula resident. “I don’t drink myself, but I think anybody that’s responsible should be able to do it.”

Polly Berry, 67, voted for the individual drink sales and against the package sales.

“I think anybody that drinks and wants to buy alcohol can do it any other day of the week, but if you’re out eating and want a glass a wine, I think you should be able to,” Berry said. “Being a Christian, I kind of hate for anyone to have to work on Sunday, but I do go out to eat myself on Sunday.”

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