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March 8, 2012 

I got a call from a friend of mine, Jerry Fleischer a couple of weeks ago. He’s a dear friend and I love him and his wife, Judy. Jerry’s a psychologist, not that I’ve ever needed his services, of course.

Jerry and Judy’s elder son, Evan, dabbled in acting and performed on the Springer Opera House stage in Neil Simon’s “Brighton Beach Memoirs.”

Then he graduated and went to Northwestern University in Chicago. The next thing I knew, he was married to a young actress named Sandy Rustin.

They now have two sons, Isaac, 6, and Charlie, 2.

Sandy began writing, and now, one of her plays, “Rated P (For Parenthood) The Musical,” is playing in New York’s Westside Theatre, (407 West 43rd St., in case you wanted to go.)

Of course, Jerry and Judy went on opening night.

Evan is with a company called Media Edge. But he’s still dabbling in show business. He’s the producer of “Fix This Kitchen” on A&E. He’s also a producer of a movie called “Taiwan Oyster,” that was just shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

Turn in Your Hymnal

The last time Bric Barker’s play about two very different young men in seminary school was produced, it was part of Troy Heard’s Chattahoochee Shakespeare Co.’s first season. It was performed in 2008 in an area above Ride on Bikes shop in downtown Columbus.

Bric, who founded The Human Experience Theatre in 1991, did shows in the space that became the Loft. He had a great relationship with Loft owner Buddy Nelms. The relationship continued with Troy, perhaps because of “Turn in Your Hymnal.”

That play was part of the Springer Opera House’s first DeepSouth New Play Contest. It actually came in second, but I thought it should have won.

For the first time, the play is going to be produced outside Georgia. Troy is directing it in Las Vegas.

“Everybody who’s read the script out here loves it, so I know it has legs beyond Georgia,” Troy wrote to me in an email. “These are questions that everybody asks about faith and religion.”

Gus Langley, a Columbus State University theater graduate, is playing Reggie in this one, Troy said. Bric’s roleof J.C., is being played by a Las Vega rockabilly actor named Alex Olson.

“It’s being done in a space called The Box Office which is part of the burgeoning theater row in the 18b Arts District” of Las Vegas, Troy said. “I love, love, love this script, and I’m producing it in hopes it can get published.”

Sandra Okamoto, or 706-571-8580.

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