Do the (delegate) math

March 9, 2012 

You know, we here at PP&B have taken a break as of recent. We've just been sitting back, relaxing in the chaos of a presidential primary season and taking it all in.

And you know what we've taken in? The inescapable fact that Mitt Romney is GOING TO BE THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE!!!!

We are just so tired of the uninitiated thinking their opinion matters. Truly, we feel sorry for you. Maybe you like Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. That's cute. Really. But they don't got the numbers, and it gets more impossible for them with every state that holds an election.

We know we've said this before. People don't seem to listen, though, so we'll say it again. Romney's got this in the bag. You don't think it, because you've got that warm feeling in your gut about your favored candidate. It's a trap we all fall in. Hey, we like horribly depressing British pop and we like to think everybody's into that kind of thing, just because we are.

Truth is, people are over Morrissey. They may never have really been that into him. Coincidentally, you might think Santorum is gonna win this thing, because he says the things you believe.

Problem is, Santorum isn't winning enough states. And even when he wins states, Romney gets delegates, too. And the spread is just too wide.

So, sit down, have a cuppa and come to a decision: Do you want to put every effort into defeating Barack Obama by supporting a Republican candidate you might not like or do you love Santorum or Gingrich so much that you're going to hand Obama another term?

Regardless, it doesn't really matter. We've already put money on Obama taking a second term. And we never lose.

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