Captains enjoy MCCC tradition

March 14, 2012 

Junior officers had a chance to be a part of a unique unit tradition Thursday as the current Maneuver Captains Career Course class draws nearer to a close.

The Seminar 1 Slayers defeated the Seminar 8 Blue Dragons 17-7 in the MCCC’s Ultimate Football League Mega Bowl at Blue Field on Main Post.

The MCCC holds a UFL regular season throughout the course and then a postseason tournament in the weeks prior to graduation.

“It brought us closer together,” Blue Dragons team captain Evan Williams said. “We got thrown in with a bunch of captains we didn’t know before, and UFL was a way for us to bond together and get to know each other. “The first game we played … we didn’t know what to expect. This is the first time I’ve ever played UFL. It wasn’t anything like I expected. Out of all the sports we played, I think this is the best one we could have played.”

The Mega Bowl started as a back-and-forth competition, but the Slayers took control before halftime and put the game out of reach in the second half.

“It was a great platform for camaraderie and competition,” Slayers coach Alex Triplett said. “We have a great team … no one is selfish and everyone wants to win together. We dominated in normal fashion.”

The MCCC also held the Toilet Bowl, a contest between the worst two teams, just before the Mega Bowl.

The loser of the Toilet Bowl is required to keep the Toilet Bowl trophy, a plunger, until the end of the next career course.

After losing the last Toilet Bowl, instructor Joe Black of the Seminar 4 Bald Eagles almost had to keep the plunger for another six months, but the Eagles defeated the Seminar 10 Honey Badgers, 11-2.

“It’s a good feeling to pass off the Toilet Bowl trophy,” Black said. “We kept it in the classroom, and I kept it proud.”

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