Trials of a stay-at-home boyfriend

March 14, 2012 

Some 20-somethings move back in with their parents when they can't find work. Tyler Moss relies on his girlfriend.

Moss writes about his experience in this Salon article, "Trials of a Stay-At-Home Boyfriend." In between applying for jobs, he copes with his situation by finding value in the small tasks he can do -- like making sure the apartment is clean, cooking dinner, even sorting his DVDs.

From the article:

Still, I squirm every time my girlfriend, Stephanie, and I go out to dinner and she reaches for the check. Sometimes I snag it from under her lingering fingertips and whip out my Visa – for which she pays the bill — as if that’s somehow less demeaning. Say what you will about modern times and gender roles in the 21stcentury, but there are still certain behaviors associated with manhood. Providing. Protecting. Being a stay-at-home boyfriend may look easy. But let’s say I’ve forsaken a certain amount of pride.

Moss writes that he'd rather be with his girlfriend than canvass the country looking for a job, but also acknowledges that being financially dependent on his girlfriend is an uncomfortable situation. I can imagine. Even being financially dependent on your parents after college can become frustrating after a while.

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