Aflac warns people not to fall for sweepstakes scam

June 13, 2012 

Everyone wants to be vigilant in protecting their good name and reputation.

Aflac, the supplemental insurer headquartered in Columbus, is no different. Except in its case, the company is not only trying to protect its own name, but also save consumers near and far from being defrauded.

Laura Kane, the firm’s communications chief, issued a news release Monday saying a new scam is circulating in which checks with the Aflac name and brand claim that recipients have won a sweepstakes. It urges people to cash the check, then wire money to cover international taxes, upon which even more winnings supposedly would be awarded to the recipient.

Naturally, Aflac, famed for its funny duck advertisements, is crying foul.

“We urge consumers to disregard any letter or check that suggests a promotional reward bearing the Aflac name,” the company warned. “The letter and the check are bogus, and the check will not be honored by any financial institution. Aflac would never require policyholders to wire funds prior to obtaining legitimate claims payments.”

The company noted it has contacted authorities, including the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service, about the fraudsters and their ploy. The Better Business Bureau has also been notified, it said.

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