Dimon Kendrick-Holmes: Here's to the CRCT winners

dkholmes@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 13, 2012 

Quick, which school performed better on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, Midland Academy or Davis Elementary?

Midland, of course, is the obvious choice. It's in north Columbus, and its student body as a whole has an easier life with more support and opportunities.

Davis is south of Macon Road, where any Realtor in town will tell you that life is tougher and resale values, well, go south.

Of the 34 elementary schools in Muscogee County, Midland students are among the five wealthiest, while Davis students are among the five poorest.

That's why I'm declaring Davis Elementary the winner here, even though across three grade levels and five subject areas it averaged a score of 69.2, compared to 77.9 for Midland.

Yeah, I know, Midland's score is more than eight points higher.

But if Midland's students are among the five most advantaged, shouldn't they have finished in the top 5 in the district?

And if Davis' students are among the five most disadvantaged, shouldn't they have finished in the bottom 5?

Instead, Midland finished No. 12, behind three Title I schools -- Waddell, Wynnton and Dimon elementaries. And Davis finished No. 21, ahead of 10 schools with students considered to be less disadvantaged.

More winners

While we're talking about winners, let's give a shout out to Brewer Elementary, which has the school district's second most impoverished student body.

That's No. 33, but those kids clawed and scratched their way to No. 26.

And how about the city's most impoverished student body at Muscogee Elementary, where everyone is eligible for the free lunch program. They should be No. 34 but finished No. 29.

You've got to start somewhere.

Which brings us to Britt David Magnet Academy, by far the city's top elementary school with perfect scores on all five subject tests at all three recognized grade levels.

But Britt David also has, by far, the lowest percentage of students eligible for the free lunch program. Isn't a total magnet school supposed to reach out to all corners of the community?

I suppose you can't afford to take risks when you're striving for perfection.

Meanwhile, every day is risky for the teachers and students at Davis Elementary, and that's why they deserve our applause.

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes, executive editor, can be reached at dkholmes@ledger-enquirer.com

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