Chattahoochee Chatter: Time to 'rap' up this election

July 25, 2012 

It's official, the 2012 primary election season is in the final week and candidates are pulling all the stops to get your vote before Tuesday's election.

The most original effort may belong to Lisa Jenkins, who is running a heated campaign against incumbent Linda Pierce for the Superior Court clerk's position.

Two young Jenkins supporters -- Deonta Whitaker and DeAngelo Wilson -- have a rap song touting their candidate. You can watch it on Facebook.

"These two young men have been working with me from the beginning," Jenkins explained. "I took their talents and put them to use. I am excited to share their artistic taste."


The election season is not limited to the Georgia side of the Chattahoochee. Campaign signs have popped up like mushrooms on the Alabama side of the muddy divide as Phenix City prepares to elect a mayor and council next month.

The most unusual sign belongs to Michelle E. Walker, a sitting council member representing District 2.

Her slogan?

"Change is on the way."

How many incumbents do you know who run on a platform of change? It will be interesting to see if that political strategy works.


Talk about a misérables day.

Edward Alejandro, 22, got cited Monday on a misdemeanor theft by shoplifting charge. The accusation: He lifted a $1.29 Mystic Peach drink from a Victory Drive store.

Police say Alejandro took the 16-ounce drink from a freezer, put it in his back pocket and used his shirt to cover it. An employee confronted Alejandro, who said he'd just walked a mile, was thirsty and didn't have the money.

Officers responded to the store, and Alejandro again said he took the soda and just didn't have the cash for it. He was given a court summons on the shoplifting charge, reports state.


A pedestrian walking down Wynnton Road found a way to beat the heat Tuesday afternoon. This gentleman knelt on the sidewalk in front of Chick-fil-A and leaned his head into the lawn sprinklers.

No word on whether he wanted waffle fries with that.


Folks who live in and around the Columbus area are pretty familiar with the credit-card processor TSYS.

After all, how can you miss the sprawling corporate headquarters downtown? Plus, there are about 4,300 local residents earning a paycheck at the high-tech firm.

But the company, like most things in life, easily can be taken for granted. Even with TSYS reporting a nearly $67 million quarterly profit Tuesday, it can be difficult to get a handle on just how big the operation is.

That is until you hear TSYS Chairman and CEO Phil Tomlinson discuss with Wall Street analysts the Bank of America contract announced last week.

"Once we convert this portfolio in mid-2014, we believe our market share of the Visa and Mastercard credit-card market will be in the range of approximately 40 percent," he said.

And that's not counting its growing business in Europe, Latin America and in the Asia-Pacific region.

Not bad at all for a company that was hatched as a card-processing division of Columbus Bank and Trust in the 1960s.

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