Sound off for Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012

August 7, 2012 

Pick of the day

Two Alabama prison inmates were overheard talking during lunch. One said to the other, "The food was much better when you were governor."

Moral degeneracy

Since humans could speak, the definition of marriage has been man and woman. And now all of a sudden you're labeled a hater for simply still believing that? This world truly is going to hell.

We the people, not we the bureaucracy

Liberal critics of Fox assume "we" means government instead of our society, churches and private charities. "We" were taking care of the elderly, invalids and orphans centuries before FDR and Johnson created inefficient, fraud-prone entitlements.

Change the target

Perhaps it's Boston, New York City, San Francisco and Chicago that should be boycotted …

Shifting standards

Why didn't these same people call Obama a bigot when he stated an identical stance on Biblical teachings as Mr. Cathy (until he suddenly changed his mind a few months ago after Biden forced it)?

Big government?

Another reason to hate the president: Government employment (federal, state and local) is now at its lowest level since 1968. Obama is a closeted tea party member.

Delusional arrogance

Dusty's name-calling and dismissal of those that haven't changed their minds about homosexuality as "morally self-serving, delusional, less-than-cretins," is arrogant, delusional, self-righteous, closed-minded and judgmental.

Moral discernment

Great article in Sunday's paper, Dusty. Next, the morons will be arguing about which is more morally correct, baked chicken or fried chicken.

Not either-or

Environmental extremists and our president must have missed the news: TransCanada will reroute the Keystone Pipeline to protect the environment. So why are they still opposed to job-creating projects?

Make the connection

DA Slater refers to the Carlton Gary case as "a real connector of the dots." The "dots" were connected close to 30 years ago; we need a hypodermic needle to be connected to Gary's vein.

DUI express

Thanks to Alabama for the bigger beer bottles; now drunks will stop their cars less frequently for another one.

Sorry state of affairs

It breaks my heart that in this great country, we will probably end up choosing a leader between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama.

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