Chattahoochee Chatter: Cops like chili dogs, too

August 8, 2012 

If you saw a long line of police vehicles traveling across Columbus on Tuesday, don't worry. It was National Night Out Against Crime.

At the first of several stops his caravan would make Tuesday during the annual event, a robust law enforcement officer was making his way through a chili dog, chips and other snacks.

"I guess you have to pace yourself on these things," a reporter asked.

To which he responded, "Do I look like I pace myself?"


Speaking of reporters … A newspaper reporter recently went through the drive-thru at a local Burger King. After taking the order the restaurant worker asked, "Is that to go?"


This little tidbit might give those riding the elevators at Aflac, TSYS, or perhaps even the Columbus Government Center, a pause for thought the next time they hop on the mechanical people movers.

In the seemingly endless polling world of CareerBuilder, it appears there have been some odd happenings in elevators across the United States.

Results of a Harris Interactive survey released Wednesday by the job website listed the "most unusual and annoying behaviors" workers have noticed in their office elevators. There were the customary issues of talking on cellphones, holding the door open too long, and pushing the wrong button, thus prompting unneeded stops.

But there also were some strange and amusing answers, including:

• "Pantsing" a co-worker

• Changing a baby's diaper

• Flossing teeth

• Clipping fingernails

• Fist fighting

• Showing someone a rash and asking for a diagnosis

• Moving the entire contents of a co-worker's office into the elevator, including the desk

• A woman with her arms full of papers using her head to keep the doors from closing on her

• Dancing throughout the ride

So, pay attention on those long elevator rides, especially at the Government Center, where because of the slowness of the elevators, you actually have time to change a diaper.


You thought you were going to get through a Chatter without any politics?


What does the Georgia 2nd Congressional District Republican runoff have in common with the Georgia 12th Congressional District Republican runoff?

Rick Allen, of course.

In the 2nd district, Columbus businessman Rick Allen is in a Aug. 21 runoff against retired Army officer John House. That district stretches from Columbus to Macon, down to the Florida line.

In the Georgia 12th district, Augusta businessman Rick W. Allen is in a runoff against farmer Lee Anderson. That district stretches from Augusta to the northern Savannah suburbs, then west past Dublin.

What are we getting at here?

The two Rick Allens should poll their resources and buy television time in Macon. Just say "Rick Allen for Congress." The Columbus Rick Allen would benefit, as would the Augusta Rick Allen.

Two Rick Allens for one. In today's political climate we guess that's a bargain. The only thing that would make this better is if the two Rick Allens were running against each other.

The biggest problem for the Rick Allens is should they escape the runoffs -- both men finished second in the primary a week ago -- is that they both face Democratic incumbents in the fall.

Rep. John Barrow currently holds the seat in the 12th district, while Rep. Sanford Bishop is the longtime 2nd district representative.

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