Paul Ryan pick: Genius move or classic blunder?

ariquelmy@ledger-enquirer.comAugust 13, 2012 

In the wake of Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan as his veep, we here at PP&B would like to take this opportunity to examine the decision and weigh in on its wisdom.

Did Romney make the necessary power move at this stage of the game to clinch the presidency? Will Ryan rally the Republican faithful and garner independent voters with his brand of conservatism?

Or will people examine Ryan’s budget plan and get extremely fearful about who Ryan is and what he would do with the power of the vice presidency?

Meh, probably a bit of both. Just look at what John McCain did in 2008. We still think McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin in 2008 was a good move. Sure, it didn’t win him the White House, but it energized a campaign sorely in need of some black coffee.

That makes us wonder: Is Ryan the guy who will provide that jolt to Romney, but lose him the job, or is he the guy who’s going to help spring Romney into the presidency?

Ryan wants to completely recreate Medicare. That scares a lot of people. Unfortunately, you actually have to examine Ryan’s policies and research his budget to make an educated decision. That takes work, but plenty of people will do it, like what they learn and vote for Romney.

It’s much easier to wave tiny flags and declare yourself a faithful adherent to the Republican cause.

Both sorts of people have the same amount of votes, so no problem there, as long as they vote Romney. The problem, of course, remains in the independent voters. And the biggest problem: Independent voters who do their own thinking.

Are Ryan’s beliefs in your best interest? Will people research Ryan and make a decision based on what they’ve learned? Will people vote in their self interest instead of voting for a party just because that’s how their parents voted?

Pass the beer and get us another hot dog. You already know the answer.

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