Sonya Sorich: Top 10 reasons to be happy the Olympics are over

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comAugust 14, 2012 

I devoted two weeks of my life to the Olympics and all I got was an obsession with neon running shoes.

Sound familiar?

If the answer is "no," you're probably still mindlessly staring at NBC, desperately trying to find similarities between the London Games and "America's Got Talent."

Hey, I understand.

The Games play with our emotions. We sacrifice our bedtimes, familiarize ourselves with obscure athletic rules and download apps to solidify our fandom. Then, it all disappears.

Amid the emotional distress, NBC consoles us by noting Carson Daly will keep his role as host on the upcoming season of "The Voice." Oh joy.

But we're all in this together. Unless your Olympic experience ended with Mr. Bean's appearance at the opening ceremony.

Distancing yourself from an obsession with the Olympics is a complex process. It helps to look on the bright side, however. Yes, there is a bright side.

Here are my top 10 reasons to be happy the London Games are over.

No. 10: You can finally re-follow all your "friends" obsessed with posting Olympic results spoilers on social media sites.

No. 9: You won't have to fight over the remote during "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

No. 8: We're one step closer to learning if Michael Phelps will succumb to the lure of "Dancing with the Stars."

No. 7: Without the excitement of the Olympics, maybe the viral video world will finally run out of inspiration for "Call Me Maybe" parodies.

No. 6: You no longer have to worry about mispronouncing "Lochte" in public conversations.

No. 5: With the possible exception of "The Biggest Loser," you can enjoy NBC's standard programming schedule without feeling guilty about loving fried cheese.

No. 4: You'll feel much more adequate without constantly hearing about people half your age who have already achieved their dreams. Thanks a lot, Missy Franklin.

No. 3: The Olympics might be over, but gymnast McKayla Maroney is still not impressed. (Don't get it? Brush up on your Internet meme knowledge.)

No. 2: Bored? Whatever. The Spice Girls songs you downloaded Sunday night will keep you amused for at least a week.

No. 1: Sure, you enjoyed your time as a spectator on the couch. Now it's time to jump into action and strive for a spot on the humble podium reserved for those who conquer life's daily challenges.

Sonya Sorich, reporter, can be reached at or 706-571-8516. Visit to read her columns.

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