Beware Sarah Palin ... and her advice

August 15, 2012 

Heed our words, gentle blog readers: All should beware Sarah Palin, as well as any advice she gives, children she has and reality TV shows she may appear on.

You may think that Palin's moved on and no longer has influence in politics. That's incorrect. Though she may say things that have no basis in reality, Palin makes statements that make headlines.

As you can see in the above-linked story, Vice President Joe Biden recently said something off color, which he does every other day. Palin jumped on it and said he should be replaced. People write stories about it, and maybe some blog posts, too.

Here's the question: Should you really care? Survey says, just a little bit. Palin's always good for a quote and a wink, but this is nothing more than hardcore politics 2 1/2 months before a presidential election.

Barack Obama is going to keep Biden, because there's really no reason he shouldn't. Biden didn't hurt him the first time around, and now he's got momentum.

What people really care about right now is Mitt Romney's veep pick: Paul Ryan. Biden's old hat. We know what we're going to get. Why should Palin even bother with declaring he should be tossed? Voters want to see what Ryan's got. He's the newbie to the presidential political stage. Palin's whining about Biden sounds just like that: whining.

But that doesn't mean you should ignore her words. Regardless of how silly she may sound, Palin still has influence whether it's as a political pundit or dancing celebrity.

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