Married women say 'I do' to alcohol

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comAugust 22, 2012 

Ah, the benefits of marriage: affection, companionship...and a pesky wine habit? Ladies, you might want to keep reading.

Married women are more likely to drink than single women, recent study results suggest. And get this: Men are less likely to drink when they're married, the same study indicates.

Surprised? Some people attribute the results to women trying to "catch up" to a husband's drinking habits. (Overall, men drink more than women, researchers noted.)

There could be other reasons, too. I think many women associate alcohol with calories, and might be less inclined to drink when they're trying to impress a guy or attempting to slim down for a wedding.

Hypothesis No. 2: There's something to be said for the comfort of drinking in the company of someone who will make sure you're safe and hold your hair back if you vomit. Frankly, unless she's doing it at home, it's often dangerous for a single woman to drink excessively.

The presence of a male partner -- ideally someone who won't judge your dancing or karaoke abilities -- might subtly encourage you to reach for a second cosmo.

Weigh in, readers: Am I missing another possible explanation? Do you think the study results are off base?

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