August 23, 2012 

Gosh, it seems as if I'm always starting my column lately with, I remember when ...

Well, it's another one.

I've known Jonathan Moore since he was in high school. He was the lead singer in a group called No Promises. I interviewed him and his bandmates.

Jonathan was a gifted singer. Still is.

Then I was in "42nd Street" with him. He and Michael Trebony and I were in the last row in the big dance numbers.

Because those two were not dancers, I had to say before the curtain came up to not hurt me. They learned to shuffle while throwing their arms up in the air. More than once, I had to duck. They were that crazy.

I have no idea where Trebony is. But I certainly know where Jonathan is.

Several years ago, he convinced a beautiful young woman named Lisa to marry him. Today, the Jonathan and Lisa Moore Band travels the country. They are Christian singers.

You can see them at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Crosspointe Church, 2301 Airport Thruway.

Besides Jonathan and Lisa and their band, you can see comedian Lee McBride.

The whole program is masterminded by Steve Paquette of Club Beyond, the community youth director.

Club Beyond is described as "a place where military teens can be themselves."

The comedy/music show is a fundraiser for Club Beyond.

The club is geared toward kids who in grades 6-12. They meet every week at Fort Benning and activities include lock-ins, summer camps, mission trips and service projects.

Tickets are $10; a limited number of tickets will be available at the door.

Call Steve at 706-681-8948.

Crowley Classic Film Series

The next movie in the series is "A Face in the Crowd" on Mainstage in the Springer Opera House, 103 10th St.

This 1957 movie stars Andy Griffith in a role quite unlike his Andy Taylor or Ben Matlock personas on television. In the movie, he plays a hillbilly singer who becomes an overnight media sensation. It goes to his head and, of course, it brings him down. Directed by Elia Kazan, it's considered to be a masterpiece of sorts.

Tickets are $10.

Call 706-327-3688.

Pine Mountain theater

There's a new theater in Pine Mountain called Briton Little Theatre, and like the Patchwork Players, it will do its productions in the David H. Aldrich Community Cenbter, 412 S. King Ave.

Rick Adams, the chair of Briton Little Theatre, is trying to form a Friends of the Theater group.

So if you're interested in joining the group, send him a message at

Friends of the Theater will help with publicity and productions (like ushering to building sets) and also help to set future seasons.

Sandra Okamoto, arts reporter, can be reached at or 706-571-8580.

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