Some thoughts on the 'True Blood' season five finale

kmccarthy@ledger-enquirer.comAugust 28, 2012 

I finally got to the season five finale of "True Blood" last night — it aired on Sunday and, as per usual when it comes to my delayed viewing of popular cable shows, I had to spend most of the day yesterday avoiding spoilers.

So one of the first things I did this morning was check out what the chatter was on the blogosphere. And even though it's not too far removed from what people have been saying all season, I can't help but get a little, as my husband would say, "butt hurt" about what some people are saying.

I won't summarize the finale, or the season, but be warned that the following observations, responses and commentary are bound to involve some spoilers. Don't continue reading if you're not caught up!

• Many commenters seem to take issue with how many storylines have taken place this season, with the campiness of the show and with the super cliffhanger in Sunday night's finale. To this I have one thing to ask: What show have you been watching for the last five years? Yeah, OK, some of the extraneous storylines don't seem entirely necessary, but the show has always had a bunch of characters and a bunch of weird stuff going on. For those who took particular offense to this season, I'll say that I'd much rather have the Ifrit and werewolves than the werepanther/Hot Shot plot. It's always been over-the-top, which is what is so awesome about it. And it's always, ALWAYS relied on cliffhangers. There's rarely much resolution at the end of the season, which is why it's kind of nice to have those other storylines get tied up.

Whew! I think that was my big rant of the day. Now for my other observations:

• I love that Russell Edgington was back this season and I love that he met the True Death - but I was confused about whether Eric stabbed him or Eric was about to stab him when the fairy light killed him from the inside. Everyone else seems to think the former, but I rewatched it and continue to think the latter. Anyone else have some thoughts on this? Because I think it would be really awesome if the fairy light killed him from the inside. But I think I'm wrong on this one.

This Huffington Post recap speculates that next season might be the show's last (with Alan Ball departing after this one, I guess it's not surprising, but with as much material as they have to work with I think the series could keep going a few more years) and also reminds me of perhaps my favorite scene: When Sam, in fly form, flies into Vampire Authority member Roslyn's mouth, shifts back into human form and explodes her from the inside. Awesome.

• I love how in the last few episodes, Lafayette really came back to form, all shashaying around Merlotte's and being sassy. Also, I really want one of those Cajun margaritas he whipped up.

• Does anyone else wish that human birth seemed half as enjoyable as fairy birth? I'm actually pretty interested in how that whole scenario works itself out.

• Pam has been my favorite character all season, but I'm not sure how I feel about a Pam/Tara romance. That's just kind of ... icky.

• I, along with just about everyone else who's voiced an opinion, am not a fan of Jason's turn as a delusional vampire killer.

Zap2it has an interesting piece on how they would rewrite the finale — it's worth a read and has some commenters defending the season.

Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, rants or whatever else in the comments!

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