I'm watching "Toy Hunter"

Posted on August 28, 2012 

There's a show on the Travel Channel called "Toy Hunter."

A guy drives around the country, looking for toys. He buys them and then sells them to other collectors. For a profit, of course.

He just went to a "Star Wars" collector's house.

I just love this story a friend told me.

He collected all the "Star Wars" toys when the original movies came out. He knew that collectibles were worth more when they're in the original packaging.

He had everything.

Then he went to college.

He comes home for Christmas and finds his mother had cleaned his room and taken all of his "Star Wars" collection to Goodwill.

After he had a fit, she said, "But you never even played with them. They were still in the boxes."

He had kept up with prices through magazine and he told her how much that collection was worth.

I think she clutched her heart!

When George Lucas made the new movies, she was at Toys R Us at midnight to buys as many of the new "Star Wars" movies as she could.

I don't think she really made up for getting rid of the original collection, though.

So moms out there -- if your child has toys that are still in the original boxes, leave them alone. There's a reason your child is saving them. Maybe don't have to shell out your hard-earned money to send him or her to college. Selling those toys just may send the kid to college.

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