There's hope for book publishers

Posted on September 1, 2012 

I don't do lot of volunteer work. But I do spend a lot of time volunteering for events that we put on here at the newspaper.

Ever since we started the Page One Awards, I've taken part in one aspect or another except for a couple of years when I took vacation.

You can find me at any Bridal Expo or Home & Garden Show unless I'm sick or on vacation.

Today, I spent four hours at the Labor Day Weekend Book Sale. The Altrusa Club has held the sales for many years. This year is the first time the L-E has held the sale.

I was assigned to work in the children's books room.

I went Friday to see the rooms and the children's room was packed full of books, including textbooks.

When I got there this afternoon, it was filled. By the time I left around 4:45 p.m., I was very surprised to see that about half the books were sold.

I saw many children eager to see what books they could take home. I saw a lot of parents helping their children find books. And I saw countless grandparents buying books for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

That room was busy and so was I. I spent a lot of time taking books out of boxes and putting them in bookshelves. I spent a lot of time taking empty boxes and putting them in a storage closet.

A good thing was a lot of the Altrusa book sale volunteers were also helping out. There were a lot of high school kids there, too, doing their community service work.

I spent a lot of time talking to children and their parents. The kids told me how much they loved to read. Some of them were showing their parents which books they'd already read.

A couple of girls, around 11-years-old, weren't looking for typical children's books. Oh, no. They were looking for medical textbooks. I swear. There was a Physicians Desk Reference. You'd better believe they sat right down on the floor and started looking through it. I turned around to help a little boy and when I looked back, they were gone and so was the PDR.

There were people coming and going all day long. And they were leaving with bags full of books.

I realize that the books were used and cost much less than when they were new, but book publishers would be thrilled to see the enthusiasm I saw today.

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