Laugh with Tim Wilson

September 6, 2012 

Columbus' favorite comedian, Tim Wilson, is coming to do a show Saturday at the Loft, 1032 Broadway.

I love the way he starts every show: "I'm from Columbus, Ga., the entertainment capital of the world." He says that here. And I know he says that when he's out of town, because I surprised him at a show in Charleston, S.C., one night.

It's been years since he was in town to do a show. He was here a couple of years ago to publicize his book, "Happy New Year -- ted." He calls it his "detective book" about how he thinks serial killer Ted Bundy was responsible for a couple of the "Stocking Strangler" killings in Columbus.

Tim worked for years on that book, researching stories on microfilm, including our archives. Talking to Columbus Police Department and Florida detectives. He co-wrote it with Roger C. Keiss.

He's spent some time tweaking the book and will release it in e-book form, probably in October.

Right now, he's concentrating on his music.

Tim, now 51, has discovered a young guitar player from Middletown, Ohio, named Scotty Bratcher, whom he calls the "best guitar player in the world."

"This kid's really something," he told me. Tim's on vacation, visiting his brother, Tony, here in Columbus. Since he doesn't know what to do with his spare time, he decided to do a show here.

I've seen Tim countless times here, at the old Laffing Stock comedy room, the Bradley Theatre, at the Loft and in the Bill Heard Theatre. Each show has been pretty close to being a sell-out, if not sold-out.

Since the Loft isn't that big, you might want to make a reservation soon. I called owner Buddy Nelms about ticket prices, but he didn't get back to me by my deadline.

Tim's got a new CD coming out in October. He said he's got a song about Phenix City on this one. He's sung about Columbus before, of course. He has comedy skits about Columbus and Harris County, but I don't think I remember him doing anything about our neighbor city across the Chattahoochee River.

In October, a show called "Road Dogs," will be on Showtime. It's about comedians who are constantly performing on the road.

"I probably qualify as a road dog," he said with a chuckle.

The comedy circuit is "a little harder now," he said. Most of the comedy clubs are in the Midwest, so his shows are more often in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

"In the South, there are not as many comedy clubs" any more, he said.

He still makes appearances on radio shows like "The Bob and Tom Show," based in Indianapolis and "John-Boy and Bill" in Charlotte.

In fact, he's doing a "Bob and Tom Show" tour later this fall.

Tim, who had been living in Louisville, Ky., moved to Nashville a year ago to concentrate on music.

I've known him for years, and can't believe his children are so grown now. Sophia is 23 and he reports that she's become an improv actress. His son, Ari, 14, plays baseball. They live in Atlanta with his ex-wife.

Tim remarried a few years back to Deidre. After being gone from home for two weeks, he joked, "I hope I'm still married."

Sandra Okamoto, who covers the arts, can be reached at or 706-571-8580.

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