What type of reader are you?

kmccarthy@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 6, 2012 

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece from The Atlantic Wire that discusses (quite un-scientifically) different types of readers and encourages you to figure out which category you fit into.

And I wasn't alone in that enjoyment — so many people responded to the article that an addendum was created to accommodate types of readers that were left out of the original installment.

After reading through the options, I've decided that I fit into three categories of readers: Delayed Onset Reader #1 ("The Princess Bride" happens to be one of my favorite books of all time, btw), The Bibliophile and The Hopelessly Devoted.

I treat my books like they are precious commodities and my husband and I can hardly step foot into Barnes & Noble without purchasing one or five — I arrange them on our two overflowing bookshelves by genre (these are general categories, however, such as fiction, nonfiction, art, poetry, philosophy, travel, politics, military — nothing too complex), in alphabetical and chronological order. I love the collecting of books, so much so that I refuse to buy an electronic reader even though I know it would make my collection significantly easier to transport. And there are so many that I haven't read, yet I continue to buy more. That explains the first two categories.

I have one author — Chuck Palahniuk — to whom I am Hopelessly Devoted. Though I've been disappointed in a few of his releases (two of which I couldn't even finish), every new title gets added to my collection and I can't see that ever ending. And he autographed my copy of "Invisible Monsters," a priceless moment and memento I waited hours in line for.

So, faithful book readers, in which category do you fit in?

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