Fun with pets

September 8, 2012 

I went to the first Applause for PAWS event Friday night. It was the third such event, and it was so much fun.

Eight people and their pets showed off their talents. Tonight was just dogs, but I'm sure there are cats who are as talented.

There were two supremely talented bulldogs, a French bulldog that I would love to own, the tiniest little Yorkshire terrier, a toy Manchester terrier, a Portuguese water dog, a German shepherd and a couple of beautiful designer dogs. It was those designer dogs who won the judges' votes.

My friends Oz and V.J. Roberts invited me to sit at their table. Their daughter, Jessica, was performing with Oz's cousin's dog, Nellie, the toy Manchester terrier.

Jessica and Nellie did very, very well, but fell short in the judges scoring by just a few points.

Becky Miller of PAWS Humane wants me to do it next year with my little Piiko I made the mistake of telling her the other day that Piiko dances. She told me to get her a tutu and we'll be set.

I have no idea how she'll react in front of 500 people and a bunch of other dogs.

But someone said I have a year to work with her.

Yeah, right. We'll see.

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