From the locker room: 'Kick through the door'

semerson@macon.comSeptember 9, 2012 

MARK RICHT, Georgia head coach

On the game:

"There were times I was starting to wonder, what was gonna happen. And then our guys start to come through with big plays on both sides of the ball. Richard Samuel's stop on the fake punt may have been the biggest play of the game. It's what made me the most happy, I could tell you that."

On Jarvis Jones:

"(Jones) may be the best defensive player in America. I'll be honest with you: He had strained his groin earlier in the week and couldn't really move around very good. About Wednesday. And we were just hoping he'd be able to go and it was bothering him the whole game. It's hard to believe that. But he sucked it up and played the whole time. And he made the very big plays when we needed them the most. That's what great players do."

On John Jenkins:

"Oh I think he's gonna be fine. It didn't seem too bad. He was in good spirits after the game and he was walking on his own. So I think he's fine."

On 'Old man football':

"No we're not trying to send a message. We're just trying to win an SEC game, win games in the East and hopefully be in position to get back to Atlanta when the time comes. But there's a long way to go, I know."


The passing game and why it clicked:

"Probably because coach Bobo started calling pass plays for us. And we just made plays for Aaron every time he put the ball in the air."

More on the offensive revival:

"The passing game was speeding things up. We were in spread a lot. We were speeding things up, pass, pass, pass, then run the ball real quick, pass, pass, pass, then run. It was definitely really good for our offense."


The passing game:

"We figured out what worked at the second half, then started doing it. Coach Bobo was calling great plays and we were clicking."


"The extra point I just went really fast, didn't want to get it blocked. Last week I had a slower get-off time. So my, Adam Erickson my holder, Ty Frix my snapper, we were working on speeding up my get-off time. My 52-yarder, my get-off time I felt good about it. I guess I got off too fast on my extra points. Then I was very happy to make that 41-yarder."


On 'Old man football':

"I'm 19. Calling me an old man doesn't really do nothing to me."

He said he was 80 percent with his sprained ankle. So was he surprised he was allowed to return punts?

"No, but they probably won't let me back there no more."


On the game:

"Everyone was doubting us, (picking) us to get upset. I think it became a real big issue. Not taking anything away from Mizzou. Mizzou is a real good ballclub, I respect them every bit. James Franklin is a great guy."

How Missouri blocked him:

"They slid their protection to me probably the whole game. I just kept going with my motor, high motor, and got what I could get."


"You get a touchdown and it gives you a lot of confidence. We just needed that little 'kick through the door,' I think. We were right there every time but shooting ourselves in the foot. We finally kicked it open, and after that, things just started opening up. Guys were making plays, and the rest is history, it was a great game."

MIKE BOBO, Georgia offensive coordinator

On the offense getting going:

"Once we caught a couple balls and were able to get a first down, I think they got a little winded over there and we were able to execute a little better. When we didn't convert on third down or we dropped some balls, and really the false starts killed us, every second-and-medium we had or second-and-short it seemed we false started. ... We knew if we could get a drive going we could have a chance."

On the false start penalties:

"I think our right tackle, our freshman, and our freshmen backs were the ones with the most false starts. They were doing a lot of stemming at the snaps and moving and shifting guys, and our guys just flinched. It's just thing they've gotta experience. We were able to overcome it and get the W."

TODD GRANTHAM, Georgia defensive coordinator

On the defense

"Two of their drives were on big plays. We've got to work to correct that. So we'll work next week to improve in that area. The main thing when you play a team like that is stopping the run."


"You need to find your arousal level to figure out exactly where you need to be. You can't be too overhyped and you can't be too lulled. You have to find your arousal le

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