Serve sparkling wine at football parties

September 10, 2012 

Beer seems to be the beverage of choice at most football viewing parties but wine is gaining popularity. Sure it seems like a nice cold Bud would go well with chicken wings and nachos but for spicy foods, crisp and refreshing white wines are actually better pairings.

Check out this wine pairing guide from Food Network to see what pairs well with some of our best-loved game-day favorites.

I think sparkling wine is an excellent option for football viewing parties. Whether their teams win or lose, your guests will feel celebratory. Set up your bar area with several types of juice so guests can make their own mimosas. My favorites for afternoon sipping are pomegranate, cranberry and blood orange. Offer a bottle of sparkling water for guests who'd rather not imbibe.

You can also let your guests make their own wine spritzers (fruity wines served over ice with club soda or lemon-lime soda). They're tasty and less potent than a glass of wine. They can also be served in plastic cups or beer glasses so they won't seem as fancy as wine served in stemware.

If you want to serve one type of wine, make it Sauvignon Blanc. It pairs well with spicy and salty dishes like chips, nachos, hot wings and pepperoni pizza.

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