O Captain, New Captain

Posted on September 20, 2012 

     Time to throw a question out to all of you devoted Snakes fans:

                      Who should replace Will Barlow as Captain?

      There are some obvious choices and Jerome has said many times that he has a lot of leaders on this team. Orrin Hergott's name stands out. Senior member of not only this team but the whole league!

      Sam Bowles is another good possibility. Sammy and Orrin have both worn the A in the past. In fact, any of the team's 3 vets...Orrin, Brett Hammond and Tom Maldonado...would be a great choice.

      But I'm here to make a nomination that's a little unusual...ok, maybe a LOT unusual:

      I think Ian Vigier should be the captain of this team.

      Now before ya'all think I've completely, rather than partially or temporarily, lost my mind, let me state that I know the goalie can't literally wear the C. He can't leave the crease for discussions with the referee. Doing the ceremonial puck drop would be more than a little weird. The assistant captains can easily perform both of these tasks.

     But these two duties are such a small part of what a captain does. Let me tell you (since this is my blog...haha) why I think Ian should be the captain.

      He is the de facto leader of this team already! I can tell you that nobody is more respected in that locker room than Ian. Nobody. His work ethic and dedication to his craft are unsurpassed. He's the first one to the rink for practice. Pre-Paxton he was the one of the last ones to leave.:)

      Ian reached the pinnacle of his personal life last season, Paxton's birth not only wasn't a distraction. It actually enhanced Ian's life so much, he was better in net...if that's possible. I remember his first start after Paxton's birth. Ian was so emotional. He was in the throes of such immeasurable joy, but he talked about how he knew when he stepped on the ice, he had a job to do. This is what Paxton's daddy does...wins games in net for the Snakes.

       Ian Vigier would be an excellent choice for Captain.

       Stay tuned.


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