Marriage secret No. 396: Drink wine together

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 23, 2012 

Meet your new relationship therapist: Mr. Zinfandel. Confused? Consider this: "Couples who share a bottle of wine at least once a week enjoy marital life far more than those who steer clear of alcohol," according to recent research summarized in the Daily Mail.

The aforementioned article also notes, "Women were four times more likely to be happy if they drank at least once a week with their partner than if they never do."

If it's true, the research makes sense. Especially in a relationship's early stages, alcohol has a way of keeping conversations flowing. Not to mention the makeout sessions it also often inspires.

But wait.

Before you heed this advice, remember there's a fine line between comfortable, buzz-induced conversations and drunken brawls. Sometimes an extra glass of wine is enough to turn a night sour. Instructions to share a bottle of wine don't consider the varying alcohol tolerance levels that are often present in relationships.

Your partner is fine. You've had one glass of wine and are listing your exes in chronological order. Not cool.

While I believe alcohol -- in moderation -- can help some relationships, I doubt its potential romantic benefits outweigh its potential for harm.

There's the tendency to over-share and unleash excessive emotions as a result of boozing. Not to mention more serious issues like alcohol-induced violence. And if you can't sustain your romantic chemistry without alcohol, something's likely wrong.

So tread lightly...and save a glass for me.

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