For a good laugh, check out Dogshaming

kmccarthy@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 28, 2012 

We've all seen the stories of how parents will publicly shame their kids for doing something bad — making them stand on a street corner with a sign bearing their transgression and some sort of explanation for why they're now telling the world about it.

Well, I heard about a similar website on the radio this morning that I had to check out: Dogshaming.

It features pictures of guilty-looking (or rather pleased-with-themselves-looking) dogs with a note explaining their recent bad behavior.

One of my favorite features two pooches, one with a sign in front of him that reads "I tore the siding off the house" and the other one with a sign stating "I told him to do it."

Another good one features a boxer (which is what I have) in the background and a pair of shoes in the foreground, one chewed down to just the heel. The text reads, "This is all I left of Mom’s favorite pair of heels. It may have taken more than a week to digest. This is my 'I’m so sorry that I got caught' face. And I’m sorry the second shoe got thrown away. What a waste."

And I just have to share one more: A West Highland Terrier looks guiltily on as a sign proclaims, "I bark at my aunt's cat over Skype." This I find particularly funny because my mom has a Westie and I could see him doing that – he barks at animals on TV and just all-around thinks he's a really tough guy (while weighing in at less than 20 pounds).

It's Friday. You need a good laugh. Go visit this site.

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