Tim Chitwood: Star-crossed holiday chicken strips

October 7, 2012 

The lesser ones deserved it, and for the greater ones no heavier penalty could be found: It’s Monday Mail.


Today's opening is 7th century B.C. Athenian leader Draco's response to those questioning his prescribing the death penalty not only for crimes like homicide but petty offenses such as stealing a cabbage.

Source of the term "draconcian," Draco established laws to correct arbitrary punishments meted out by the elite. But he held to class distinctions: Commoners could be enslaved and aristocrats could not.

More garbage

Don't forget it's Columbus Day, marking the transit of ideas, plants, animals, slaves and diseases of the Columbian exchange initiated by the expedition leader for whom this city's named.

As is customary in today's culture -- which over the centuries here in the South became a mix of English, Spanish, African, American Indian and French -- we celebrate by not having prison inmates collect your garbage. So remember that if the city gets your trash on Mondays, it won't today.


If you're up before dawn, look for falling stars.

It's the peak of the Draconid meteor shower, when we should see stars shooting from the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon. Draco winds around Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, or Little Dipper with the North Star in it.

Meat and greet

Do you recall some Monday Mail correspondence about a boycott over a Hardee's "Southwest Patty Melt" TV ad featuring model Kate Upton? You do? Could you remind me?

Wait, I'll Google it:

In April, Georgia Christian Coalition head Jerry Luquire passed on an email from the American Family Association, which said Hardee's blew off complaints the ad was too provocative for children.

"Bluntly put, this company has no respect for family values and common decency," the email read.

I told Jerry I'd boycott the Southwest Patty Melt, but I could still go for some Hardee's "Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders."

Days later I got two gift cards for Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders, which I just found while cleaning off my desk. They came with this handwritten note from Jenna Petroff, Hardee's Public Relations and Social Media Manager:

Read you could go for some Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders. Treat a friend to lunch!


Dear Jenna:

Thanks for the cards. I gave them to the guys who work the front counter at police headquarters. I'm not allowed to let people think I can be bribed with food. Some editors so freak out about it that I no longer even ask people if they're going to finish their fries.

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