Who is Stacey Dash and why do you care about her political views?

October 10, 2012 

Welcome back, gentle reader. In this edition of Political Pork & Beans, we delve into the recent natterings of Stacey Dash, somewhat famous because of her appearance in the movie “Clueless.”

And you may ask yourself, “Why do I care about Stacey Dash?” Good question. Seems Dash forced herself into the spotlight by recently taking to Twitter and posting the following: “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.”

Yowza. A vaguely famous actress has an opinion on who she wants to be president? Better get her an appearance on Piers Morgan and start an Internets flame war!

Of course, that’s not the real reason why Dash has been thrust into the political spotlight. She’s black, and there’s some who oppose a conservative black woman from endorsing the Republican guy running for the White House.

Just take a look at this story to see a few tweets Dash got in response to her nod toward Mitt Romney.

There’s a bit of irony to be found in all of this. Supposedly, one goal of our society is to move beyond feeble constructs such as race, class and gender. You could argue that Dash did just that when, as a young, black woman, she proudly proclaimed herself a conservative by endorsing Romney.

That earned her ridicule from some and accusations of being a turncoat from others.

As if.

Dash, like anyone in this country can, stated a political opinion. In fact, the tweet immediately following her endorsement said just that: “My humble opinion … EVERYONE is entitled to one.”

She’s right. Of course, anyone is entitled to attack her for it, but in our opinion it makes you look foolish at best and a hypocrite at worst.

We guess Dash will have to console herself with her millions in the bank and 313,000 Twitter followers. We, meanwhile, will enjoy a bowl of Grape-Nuts and ponder the wonder that is American politics.

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