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semerson@macon.comOctober 15, 2012 

ATHENS - I wish I could say that I spent my week away from the beat at some exotic location, getting massages and sipping on Coronas. Alas, my furlough week was a rather boring one, so I'm actually excited to get back to work.

Apologies to everyone for not responding to the many e-mails, and I'm sorry to have missed the opportunity to do what would have been a very entertaining mailbag. But in some ways, it might have been good to have taken last week off: There was a rather hyperbolic - though somewhat understandable - reaction to the debacle in South Carolina. It was probably good to let things settle a week before diving in and talking about whose head needed to roll.

But I did have a chance to sift through my own thoughts, and I'll have a column for tomorrow's papers. I will also post my mid-season grades at some point today. (That puts me a week behind some of my beat brethren, but my story will have movie and music references, so there.)

In the meantime, a few things for your Monday:

- Georgia is a 28-point favorite over Kentucky this weekend, according to

- Head coach Mark Richt said on his Sunday teleconference that he has no doubt star linebacker Jarvis Jones (sprained ankle) will play this weekend.

- The Bulldogs came in at No. 11 in the first BCS rankings, released on Sunday night. Breaking that down, Georgia ranked No. 16 in the computers (a high of 14, a low of 19), then ranked 12th in the coaches and Harris polls.

The SEC is also announcing TV times for games in two weekends, but we already know Georgia is playing Florida at 3:30 p.m. on CBS. And if Florida can knock off South Carolina on Saturday, then that game is Georgia's chance to get hold of the SEC East and erase many of the current ill feelings. Or make them all worse.

It's an interesting time to be on this beat. Glad to be back.

EDIT: Just published my midseason grades, and as it turns out it didn't have any movie or music references. I kept it serious, for the most part. Apologies to anybody expecting my usual comic brilliance.

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