Bobo: 'I did a poor job, that's it'

semerson@macon.comOctober 16, 2012 

ATHENS - Mike Bobo is not ducking blame for what happened at South Carolina. In fact, the Georgia offensive coordinator chided himself, at one point on Tuesday saying "I did a poor job, that's it."

Now as the Bulldogs approach the second half of their season, beginning Saturday at Kentucky, Bobo wants his offense to get back to what made his offense electric the first five games of this season.

"We've gotta stay more committed to the run," Bobo said. "Even though we were down 21-0 (at South Carolina), there was still a lot of time left in the ballgame. That's what's made us successful, the balance. Like I said after the game, you become one-dimensional in a game, you're asking for trouble."

When Georgia fell behind by three touchdowns late in the first quarter in Columbia, the Bulldogs didn't actually get away from the run immediately: Todd Gurley carried the ball on the first play, but lost two yards. Murray then completed two passes for 26 yards. But the next two plays, rushes by Keith Marshall, failed to gain any yards.

From there, the Bulldogs became pass-heavy. Georgia's defense forced a punt on the next drive, and then the offense came out passing on the first play of the final three drives of the first half, netting zero points.

Still facing a 21-point deficit, Georgia went almost exclusively to the pass in the second half. It got the ball to start the second half, and after rushing on first down, passed the next five times before punting.

"We've got to establish the run, no doubt," Bobo said. "And if we do throw the ball we've gotta be able to complete the ball on first downs. But if we throw high-percentage passes we've gotta complete them, whether it's a quick screen or a bubble screen, we've gotta complete those. And those have gotta be an extension of the running game. When you don't complete those, and you catch them for minus-five you put those in the hole."

Bobo estimated that the Bulldogs were above 90 percent in completing those kinds of short passes entering South Carolina. Then they were 1-for-5 in the game.

"That's really the No. 1 thing we want to do as an offense this week is stay ahead of the chains," Bobo said, meaning get good yardage on first down. "Keep ourselves in good down and distance, and being balanced is part of that."

Bobo also appeared to be trying to deflect some blame from the offensive line or quarterback Aaron Murray. When he was asked whether Murray was too affected by the Gamecock pass rush or amped-up by the atmosphere.

"I think it was just a little bit of pressing on everyone's fault, coaches included, with the deficit that we got," Bobo said. "We did not stick to our gameplan and ultimately it ended up what it ended up and we did not execute in all areas. And that's ultimately my job to keep us on track with what we're doing, and that's what we'll be trying to do this week."

Bobo was then asked if he was chiding himself for the play-calling. He smiled.

"All right, let's talk about this game, I've said enough about that game," Bobo said, laughing. "We got our butts whipped, plain and simple. I did a poor job, that's it. All right? Next game, new game."

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