Soundoff for Friday, Oct. 19, 2012

October 19, 2012 

Pick of the day: I foresee hanging chads in the near future.

What's the question?

Because Obama increased the national debt by $1.2 to $1.4 trillion each of his four years in office, the race still being a toss-up is not comprehensible.

Sound familiar?

Wealthy Greeks have not paid their share of taxes. Now workers are losing the pensions they have worked their whole lives for. Hasn't worked for Greece and it won't work for America.

Gullible electorate

I do not believe Barack Obama is either very clever or very intelligent. I do believe most of the American population is woefully undereducated, and it shows. You're easily fooled.

Shows what matters to us

As far as the salaries for the SEC coaches, none of them are worth what they get paid. They should pay professors more money; they're the ones doing important work.

Selective enforcement

How could Mitt Romney's daddy run for president if he was born in Mexico? Or does that rule just apply to Obama?

Swift justice

I just read that the 10-year-old Colorado child was killed. I think pedophiles should be read their rights, told about Jesus and led straight to the electric chair.

'Affordable' care

Thanks to Obamacare, my health insurance will go up by over twenty percent in 2013, and without a pay increase.

Is it just me?

Obama keeps increasing his homeland security troops. Does anyone else see a parallel between homeland security troops and Hitler's SS troops in the '30s?

Out in force

How many police cars does it take to write a ticket or arrest a person? I have been seeing 4 and 5 police cars at each traffic stop at night, but none in the neighborhoods.


The 14th Street bridge is hideous, an abomination. Why couldn't it have just been restored?

Risky behavior, tragic result

A South Alabama student said that "young people experiment with drugs from time to time." Experiments can end in failure, as the death of an 18-year-old will attest.

Not impressed

So Romney pays taxes he doesn't own, which he'll get back after the election. And Ryan washes clean pots in a soup kitchen for photo op. What a couple of lying losers.

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