Exhibition Game 1

Posted on October 19, 2012 

      The Columbus Cottonmouths...both new and "old"... came to play tonight, Snakes fans!! It helped that in-state rival Augusta was their opponent.  

       Lots of physical action, which everybody loves. Familiar names for the RiverHawks included McGill, Auffrey, Kosolofsky and Sicard. Scary moment early for Auffrey...

       I was seated in the mezzanine level, right over the goalie's shoulder and the incident happened at my end of the ice. I didn't see the original hit, but got a recap of it later from the horse's mouth. All I saw was Auffrey down on the ice and, when he stood up, a pool of blood. Yuck.

       Auffrey was helped off the ice and he looked a little woozy to me. As a champion concussion spotter, I made that diagnosis. Orrin told me when he came back up for the second period that Auffrey was pretty much out of it. Well, a few minutes after Orrin told me that, here comes Auffrey up to our little perch.

       How did I recognize him? A subtle hint was the gash above his right eye. He was talking to a couple of guys next to me, so I decided to ask him what happened. As I turned to talk to him, blood started trickling out of the wound. Now ya'all know I've seen stitches, missing teeth, bloody mouths...definitely not saying I've seen it all, but this was way too up close and personal. The comical thing was that I was about to introduce myself and shake his hand...the hand that just wiped the blood off. YUCK! The introduction will wait for another day. haha

       I asked Auffrey what happened and he said he was hit on the shoulder and was cut when his head hit the ice. I asked if he had a concussion and he said he was fine. Now, I'll let ya'all in on a little secret: Not saying that these guys LIE, but they tell some version of the truth, with the objective of remaining on the ice. Period. haha. I'm quite sure the Augusta medical staff will tell Auffrey just how fine he is. :)

       Lots and lots of shoving matches, which is to be expected when the Snakes and Hawks tangle. Even more so when there are players on both sides literally fighting for jobs. Of course, we all know the talent the Cottonmouths have in the returning players, but I saw some really good play from the new guys.

       Certainly missed my friends the Hendricks family, but have been assured they'll be there on Opening Night, along with Sarah, who's coming all the way from Athens for the occasion (Go Dawgs!). Happy to see my friends Dave Kessler and Danny. How many games are ya'all aiming for this year, guys? Miss Flit and Joe were there, along with a number of my son Reese's friends.

       Missed my buddy Nixon Hergott, but rumor has it he'll be in the house tomorrow night. Paxton Vigier was in attendance but he got tuckered out and left early.

       Sight of the night... Juan Mora in his Dave Cianfrini locks in tribute to his favorite player from a year ago. Juan wanted Dave here in some fashion, I guess.

       It's great to be back. Let's do it again tomorrow night!

       Stay tuned.



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