Roster Cuts

Posted on October 21, 2012 

      As I expected, Jerome cut his roster down to 19 names late Saturday night. Gone are: 

  • F Nik Poliakov
  • F Andrew Adams
  • F Evan MacIntosh
  • D Ivan Lyaskevich
  • F Adam Kuhn
  • F Jim Durham
  • F Liam Tully (waived earlier)

       Some of these are more of a surprise than others. Tully, Adams and MacIntosh were all free agent invitees and long shots to make the opening night roster. MacIntosh impressed with his speed and grit and probably had the best chance of the three.

       Adam Kuhn, ironically, saw his last action as a Cottonmouth against his former team. Adam was not protected by the Ice Flyers after playing there last season.

       Jim Durham was signed right out of college late last season, just in time for the playoffs. He is in the unique position of having helped raised the President's Cup, yet has not played in a regular season game for the Snakes.

       The training camp roster stands at 19 players, but must still be trimmed by 1. As it stands now:

  • Andrew Loewen    G
  • Ian Vigier      G      
  • Bret Tyler      D        
  • Kevin Kessler  D
  • Kyle Johnson  D
  • Chris Bailer  D
  • Tom Fitzpatrick  D
  • Tom Maldonado   D
  • Sam Bowles  F
  • Jordan Braid  F
  • Jason Yuel  F
  • Jonathan Redlick F
  • John Sullivan  F
  • Brett Hammond   F
  • Akex MacLeod     F
  • Daniel Amesbury  F
  • Levi Lind  F
  • Derek Pallardy     F
  • Orrin Hergott       F

      Taking tomorrow off from this blog, Snakes fans. Putting final touches on the preview section. Back at camp on Monday morning.

       Stay tuned.



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