Decision Time

Posted on October 23, 2012 

     First of all, Snakes fans, my apologies for skipping my camp update yesterday. Guess when I remembered it. At 7:30 this morning!!

      This is the "hitting the wall" time of training camp for me. All of my copy for the preview section was due yesterday. I've been working on it since June (no kidding) and I think when you see it on Friday, you'll realize why I get a little stressed the day it's due. Lots of components to manage.

       On the heels of that, I had the Co-Captains story to do the interviews for and then write. Congrats on a well-deserved honor earned by Sam Bowles and Orrin Hergott. Kudos to Jerome for allowing the guys to vote. That makes the honor doubly great for Sammy and Orrin as they were chosen by the peers. It also gives ownership of the process to the guys. Sam and Orrin will represent the team and organization well.

       Training camp is winding down and opening night approaching. YAY. Well, YAY if you're not Jerome. He has a bit of a dilemma: how to fit 19 players into 18 slots. Hmmmmm. Now I'm not a math expert, but it appears that 1 of the players in camp will be watching in street clothes on Friday night.

      I believe Andrew Loewen and Ian Vigier are safe...:) Goaltending will continue to be a major strength of this team. Let's move on to defense. Currently there are 7 d-men in camp and Jerome usually keeps only 6. I say usually ...but, this year, one of the d-men is Daniel Amesbury

      Daniel's role on this team is clearly defined. He is the enforcer...a good one, at that. But, in my most humble opinion, no way is Daniel as good defensively as the other 6. So, if you're Jerome, do you carry 2 goalies, 7 D and 9 forwards??? Last season, Daniel served as the 10th forward. Why couldn't he be the 7th defenseman instead? In an emergency, he could always move up front. Or do you go ahead and figure he's the 10th forward now?

      As I've said for the millionth time, so glad I'm not Jerome, because somebody's going to be sitting, so somebody's going to be disappointed. Will they still be a part of this team? Definitely. There are 3-gamers to be had...10 of them, if I'm not mistaken. If nobody is injured on this team down the line, it'll be a first in the history of the sport...or any sport, for that matter. Somebody may be injured now and need bumps and bruises to heal before he plays. Don't know, but we'll find out soon.

      Jerome thought the rosters were due tomorrow, but it's possible they're due later. I'll keep my ear to the ground and let you know when I hear something.

      Today, the lines were as follows:

  • Jordan Braid--Levi Lind--John Sullivan
  • Sam Bowles--Alex MacLeod--Brett Hammond
  • Jonathan Redlick--Orrin Hergott--Derek Pallardy--Jason Yuel
     Hard to tell the defensive pairs because there's one extra d-man, but I've seen the following pairings quite a few times in camp:

  • Tom Maldonado and Chris Bailer
  • Kyle Johnson and Bret Tyler
  • Kevin Kessler and Tom Fitzpatrick
     Daniel has been paired with each d-man at different.

     Three more days. Raising the banner is always a stirring moment. This time the ring ceremony will hold special meaning for me personally as my precious daughter is receiving one, as are her friends Whitney and Erin.

    "The girls" have all moved on in the working world, but it will be so great that they'll have this momento of a magical season. Don't know if the front office staff members receive their rings on the ice or not, but this mama will know her daughter is going home with one and that's good enough for me! 

      Jerome's decision is due soon...

      Stay tuned.

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