Counting Down

Posted on October 24, 2012 

     Hi, Snakes fans...

      We're counting down to opening night and, for the first time, I think I'm going to make it! Everything for the preview section is in. Now all that's left is to see the finished product, which is always a thrill.

       A couple of last-minute notes...

       Final rosters are due tomorrow, so we'll know then who draws the short straw. I HATE this because I know one of the guys will be disappointed. The good news is that just because he won't be on the opening night roster doesn't mean this player is not in the Snakes plans. Expect to see him signed to a 3-gamer soon and on the ice.

       The lines stayed the same today, so this is what I expect to see on Friday night:

  • Jordan Braid--Levi Lind--John Sullivan
  • Alex MacLeod--Sam Bowles--Brett Hammond
  • Jonathan Redlick--Orrin Hergott--Derek Pallardy--Jason Yuel
       The defensive pairs I believe we'll see are:

  • Tom Maldonado and Chris Bailer
  • Bret Tyler and Kyle Johnson
  • Kevin Kessler and Tom Fitzpatrick
  • Daniel Amesbury
      Here is the very unofficial, non-scientific Snakes roster for 2012-2013. Numbers attained by looking at the backs of their helmets today in practice...haha.

1  Loewen

2  Maldonado

4  Kessler

7  Johnson

9  Sullivan

10 Braid

11 Hergott

17 Hammond

18 MacLeod

19 Lind

20 Amesbury

21 Redlick

22 Pallardy

24 Bowles

26 Yuel

27 Fitzpatrick

28 Bailer

40 Vigier

44 Tyler

      Will watch for the final roster to be announced tomorrow and let ya'all know who will be watching in street clothes. :(

      Stay tuned.






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