Fan poll: Georgia's biggest disappointment

semerson@macon.comNovember 8, 2012 

ATHENS - It's probably nitpicking to look for disappointment in an 8-1 team which is one game from repeating as division champion, and still has an outside chance at a national title.

But ... whatever.

Earlier today I took your pulse on the most pleasant surprise in Georgia's season so far. So it was only fair and balanced to ask for your biggest disappointment.

Here were your responses:

Marshall Morgan's inconsistency on FG's and extra points has made our kicking game unreliable.
- Jordan Floyd, @jordanflyd

Gotta be Marshall Morgan. I know he's a freshman but there's no reason he should be missing thy many XPs and chip shot FGs.
- Ben, @bentucker9

Marshall Morgan. Can't have that inconsistency in the SEC.
- Ryan Clark, @clarkryan9

Field goal attempts. I know they aren't a 100% sure thing, but can we get back to the 85% neighborhood? 6 for 9 is not awesome.
- Candice, @candice_elon

Kicking game has been disappointing. Lucky it has yet to cost us a game.
- Craig, @CMBoehringer

With the D and PATs looking better in recent days. I guess my vote goes to returning punts/kickoffs. Punts returns especially.
- Cody Harris, @Cody_Harris92

The inconsistent play of a defense that has 5 potential first round picks on it!
- Corey Gast, @CoreyGast

Easy answer. Defensive consistency. Until the last two games has not been a strength. It could be what leads us to Miami though.
- Karl McGrady, hoodawg

"Starts" by the D. CTG & the D have almost always begun the game poorly/disorganized/uncommunicative before gelling in 2nd half.

Defensive line. Disappointment.
- John Lee, @bulldogcpa

The defense!!
- JJ Collins, @JJ_Danger

The defense in the first part of the season with so many people suspended come on how hard is it to stay out of trouble.
- Brandon Mullinax, @TPG_

Hate to say it but biggest disappointment has been w/ CTG, with all that talent our def shouldve been much better against run.
- Mitch Fletcher, @MitchFletch

Erratic motivation levels, esp. on D.
- Kyle Smith, @_KyleCSmith

Special teams, especially the troubles with PAT's and fielding punts. I'm surprised it hasn't cost us a ballgame yet.
- AdamCFine, @finea9

The first quarter of the South Carolina game, easily.
- Will Mosher, @WilliamMosher

The south Carolina letdown. OUCH.
- Sara Goodman, @sara_goodman

The USC game. I don't think any team would have beat them that night, but the Dawgs should have showed up better than they did.
- Grant Wood, @GrantWoodGA

The lack of consistent intensity. Too much talent and ability to not be dominant. But no fire = ugly wins.
- Jordan Green, @Jordan_Green44

The offensive line, seems like more often that not Murray is scrambling for his life.
- Jordan Hill, @JDawg1447

Close between OL and ST. I'll go with special teams. That's a damn dumpster fire all the way around, atrocious in all phases.
- James Hughes, @JimmyHighes416

I would say Rome and Lynch. Both were expected to put up good numbers.
- Michael Gates, @RecDawgs34

Inconsistent play from Murray, Where’s Jay Rome?
- Matt Brooks, @mattbrooks83

Playcalling and passing game execution in big games (scar and uf) has been horrendous.
- Collin Montgomery, @CollinMontgomry

The biggest disappointment this season was how things turned out for Isaiah Crowell. I feel sad for him.
- Andy Bedingfield, @aNdY_Be3

Hard to nitpick an 8-1 team, but Branden Smith. No impact in the secondary & not used/trusted in the return game.
- Josh Cahill, @ugacahill

Punt returns. Where is Branden Smith????
- Alan Matthews, @SouthGaAlan

The decision making by the kickoff return team has put unneeded extra pressure on our offense.
- Rory, @rptrumpet

Knee injuries are the biggest disappointment. Terrible stuff.
- Jeremiah Wood, @jeremiahwood

Mark Richt's hip. Really expected that thing to last longer.
- Yes Sir, @agua70x7

Rambo. Missing open field tackles and making bad plays on balls in UT game and SC. Not playing like all SEC.
- Alex Ccrawford, @Alexcrawford12

DEs. "Soft" identity started with the line. More time for G Smith has helped the turnaround.
- dawgsonline, @dawgsonline

The lack of consistency from the offense especially the o line. Some games we can't run it and others we can't throw. 8-1 though.
- Jeremiah Tolbert, @NoPlaceAtAll

Lack of student support for 4 qtrs in Athens.
- Richt, @rthomps76

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