Georgia defenders talking big again

semerson@macon.comNovember 27, 2012 

ATHENS - Remember how in the lead up to last year's SEC championship game the Georgia defensive players talked big, calling themselves the nation's best defense? Well, they're doing it again.

Senior safety Bacarri Rambo caused a stir with some comments after Saturday's game, when he said he felt like "we have better players than anybody in the country at each position."

Senior cornerback Sanders Commings kept it up on Monday night.

"I think we're the best defense in the country," Commings said. "I thought we were last year. We have 10, 10 out of 11 guys back who started, who were in the starting rotation. So there's no reason we shouldn't be the top defense."

And on Monday, sophomore linebacker Amarlo Herrera was asked if he agreed.

"I feel the same. I back those guys up," Herrera said. "I haven't seen anyone play better than us the second half of the season. I feel nobody has."

Some would see this as unnecessary bravado, the dreaded bulletin-board cliche'. But Georgia head coach Mark Richt doesn't appear bothered by it.

"You know what, they're all young and excited, and they say what they wanna say sometimes," Richt said. "I don't think it's gonna matter much what everybody says before the game. I think it's gonna matter much what happens when we kick it off. So I'm not too worried about it."

There's another reason for that: Richt figured out awhile ago that this defense thrives on energy and passion, and that a little swagger is necessary. It all goes back to the Shawn Williams "playing soft" diatribe before the Florida game.

"They get their blood hot, they play better," Richt said.

Besides - and this is where the beat writer introduces his editorial comment - does anybody think A.J. McCarron and the Alabama offense are looking at these Georgia comments and saying: "Well I wasn't going to try hard on Saturday, but now ..."


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