And what about Murray's Heisman chances?

semerson@macon.comNovember 30, 2012 

ATLANTA - This morning I have a story, which which I hope you will read, that centers on Jarvis Jones and Manti Te'o, and why the latter if getting way more buzz for the Heisman Trophy.

It's a question that's been voiced by more than just Georgia fans, with Scott Wolf, the L.A. Times beat writer for USC, chiming in the other day: "As a Heisman voter, I think Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones has the strongest case of any defensive player."

That point was basically echoed by Chris Huston, who follows the Heisman race year-round for both his web site and His comments are in the above-linked story.

Te’o is a 7-2 pick to win the Heisman, second after Johnny Manziel, according to odds posted Thursday by Bovada. Jones is considered out of the running.

But what about Aaron Murray? The junior quarterback may have as much of a chance as Jones, if not more - which is to say not much, but with a huge game against Alabama, he could make a late run to at least be invited to New York for the ceremony.

“Aaron especially probably has the best chance of the two to make a late push for it if he has a huge game," Huston said. "He obviously has the great season credentials."

Huston then cited Murray's stats, and Georgia being in position to play for the national title.

"I'm a little surprised, actually, that there hasn’t been more buzz for him as the season has gone on," Huston said. "I think if there had been more buzz for him this would be a good set-up for him to clinch a trip to New York.”

It helps Jones and Murray that there aren't more noteworthy candidates who are playing this weekend: Huston said it's pretty much just Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein and the Georgia guys.

But there aren’t many noteworthy candidates playing this weekend: Pretty much Collin Klein and the Georgia guys. In addition - and I mentioned this in the Jones story - the recent trend is that voters hold their votes until after championship weekend.

On a personal note, I'm a voter too, and I'm holding my vote too. The Heisman Trust has asked voters this year to not publicize their votes until the announcement, and I'll respect that. But let's just say I'll be keeping my vote in mind as I watch Saturday's game here in the Georgia Dome.

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