From the locker room: 'We just ran out of time'

semerson@macon.comDecember 1, 2012 

More quotes from Georgia's locker room after Saturday's game:

JARVIS JONES, junior linebacker

He played sick:

"I got the flu earlier this week. That don't mean nothing. But it is what it is. We fought, and I love these guys and I'm willing to go to bat with them any day."

The game:

"It's kind of heartbreaking, because this is one of our goals. We came here last year, we played a good first half. This year I don't people were expecting us to be in the contest with Alabama. Because with them being so good. But we played football for 60 minutes. I just give it all to my teammates."

On the NFL:

"I don't know. It's not decision time."

ARTHUR LYNCH, junior tight end

On his roommate, QB Aaron Murray:

"Kudos to Aaron for kind of shutting everyone up (who was) saying he's not a big-game quarterback. I think he played lights-out today. I think that's kind of a nice thing that we can shut up about that, because he played his heart out."

The stunned reaction to the end:

"I think we were shocked a little bit. There was such a momentum shift in the game. It's kind of the worst thing, almost like you'd rather get blown out than lose like that because the emotions are so high. Yeah, I didn't really wanna leave the field because I didn't want to admit the fact that it's over."

TODD GRANTHAM, defensive coordinator

Fixing defense against run game:

"We had them all down there then. I mean we had nine guys down there. I thought it was a good game. It was a battle. It was two heavyweights slugging it out. We made plays early, then they ran the ball a little bit in the second quarter. That continued into the third. They've got good players, they've got a good offensive line, and when you don't fit it up right you give them a seam and backs like that can make plays."

The game:

"We were much more competitive this year than last year. It was a much tighter game. I thought it was a heck of a game. It was a battle. We just came up short. So for the guys coming back, learn from it, and continue to work and develop and grow. That's all you can do."

SANDERS COMMINGS, senior cornerback

The season:

"We've come a long way. An 11-win season. A chance to get 12 in a bowl game. I mean we can't be completely disappointed in our season. Although we wish we would've won today, we can't be completely disappointed."

The way the game ended:

"We just ran out of time. I think if we would've had a few more seconds we would've won that game. But it's just the way it is sometimes."

CHRISTIAN ROBINSON, senior linebacker

The season:

"Hopefully I won't dwell on it forever. It's messed up. But this team brought life back. I think people believed. And I think people still realize how close we really were to doing something that hadn't been done in 30 years."

Closer than last year's game:

"People were expecting us to not even be in consideration in the fourth quarter to win. It came down to a last drive, and we were in it. We wish we would've been able to convert. But they showed up when they needed to as well. They came to play."

JOHN JENKINS, senior nose tackle

Stunned reaction to end of game:

"I don't even know the game is over now. I'm just in a zone right now, just trying to clean up and get my mind away from this right now. It'll hit me tomorrow. Right now, I'm just in a zone."

The game:

"A lot of people thought we were gonna get rolled over. We proved that we're a better team than what people expect us to be."

The finish:

"It's harder to end like this, because think about it, this is a game of inches, and we all know we had inches. We lost. It's hard. We came out there swinging. It was a heavyweight bout, and we came out there swinging, swinging, swinging. And for us to lose with just inches, just inches man. It's hard. It's real hard."

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