Five Questions with Sean 'Rox' Michael Schoff

December 9, 2012 

What's the coolest creation you've seen while organizing the local JunkFest events?

Creation of Community, perhaps? Craftsmanship, friendship and teamwork by the working artists in our community. Not since I was in the Boy Scouts or worked with NASA have I been graced with working among such a creative and proactive group of folks.

At JunkFest, Dan Davidson, Gini Woolfolk Davidson, Gina Colbert and her family and I began transforming an overgrown pasture into a creative folk art and music venue. But before we knew it, dozens of creative people showed up to donate elbow grease, know-how and materials.

JunkFest folks contributed to not only three events at JunkFest behind Gina's Junk, but also to the Uptown Drum Circle and donated their talents, resources and time to Artists for Pasaquan Weekend this year. Anyone can join or keep up with the good work at or

You've participated in the local drum circles. Are there plans to continue and expand those events next year?

Drum circles have been around for thousands and thousands of years. With the foundation of Uptown Drum Circle with Tammy McGee from Art of Yoga, we're proud to say we've organized, promoted and facilitated six events since June.

Drumming is a healing and interactive form of entertainment which crosses all boundaries. Folks can keep up with our spring schedule at

Through a Knight Fund Grant, the folks at The Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley help us purchase drums for our events and partially fund expenses into 2013.

So, we'll be seeking sponsors for a Spring Uptown Drum Circle Series and to expand our "Healing Thru Drums" program to visit nursing homes and hospitals in the Valley.

What are the best and worst things about being a creative person?

We are all creative. Creativity is creating something new. Artists must be both visionaries and entrepreneurs. Artists are communicators, craftsmen and teachers. In this post-industrial age, great leadership is found in good old-fashioned competency and teamwork. Hire an artist, create an advantage.

You specialize in digital media. What was your favorite technology trend of 2012?

Well, now that the Web is 20-plus years old, the communication tools for business organization are here. The tools are ubiquitous. The scarcity of today is not access to tools, rather it is your own personal network and how you treat other people.

Author Seth Godin says it best: "When everyone has access to the same tools … then having a tool isn't much of an advantage. The industrial age, the age of scarcity, depended in part on the advantages that came with owning tools others didn't own.

Time for a new advantage. It might be your network, the connections that trust you. And it might be your expertise. But most of all, I'm betting it's your attitude."

What's the best-kept secret in the Chattahoochee Valley?

The people.

Vital stats

Name: Sean "Rox" Michael Schoff

Age: 42

Job: Creative Consultant, Graphic and User-Interface Designer for SeanRox Web Works, Co-Founder of JunkFest and Uptown Drum Circle, Teaching Artist for the CSU Empower Youth of Columbus, Performing Singer-Songwriter

Hometown: San Angelo, Texas

Current home: Columbus

Education: Angelo State University, A.A.S. Community College of the Air Force, Brevard Community College, Electronics, Communication, Media and Organizational Behavior. Eagle Scout.

Family: Son, Kai Michael Schoff, Pre-K student; fiance, Kendra Willis, inspector and jet mechanic for Pratt Whitney; parents, MSgt. Robert David Schoff Jr. Ret. USAF and Faye J. Schoff in San Angelo, Texas.

Favorite book: I recommend "Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell, anything written by Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell or Julien Smith

Favorite movie: "Avatar," Star Wars Trilogy and David Lynch flicks

Favorite cuisine: BBQ, Asian and Cajun

Favorite quote: "Two ends of time are neatly tied." -- Concrete Blonde lyrics

Best concerts attended: The Cure, Concrete Blonde, Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, Doors of the 21st Century, Lenny Kravitz and Columbus locals -- Bibb City Ramblers

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