TSYS eyes possible Mott House revamp

December 12, 2012 

It's a stately structure and one of the last mansions overlooking the Chattahoochee River between Columbus and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Calhoun-Griffin-Mott House, nestled on the back portion of the TSYS corporate campus and parking garage, also has been empty for years. That emptiness precedes the decision in 1996 to tear down the old Muscogee Mills to make way for the $100 million TSYS campus.

From the outside, the mansion constructed in 1839 is well maintained. Inside, it apparently is a shell of its old self and not very inviting.

But that could change sooner rather than later. TSYS, which has long wanted to do something with the Mott House, confirmed this week that the structure is now at least on its wish list of projects to complete, although no firm plan has been drawn up.

"We've wanted to do something with it for awhile now, and I think it's kind of picking up steam, but we don't have definite plans yet," said Cyle Mims, spokesman for the credit-card processor TSYS.

"It would be for internal company use, like team member meetings and client meetings, a kind of conference space," he said. "But they don't have a set of plans of what it would look like. The final (financial) numbers aren't there yet."

Past suggestions by local historians and other people in the community included turning it into a textile-oriented museum or perhaps a visitor's center.

The Mott House was placed on the National Register in 1974.


Speaking of remodeling …

Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr will be glad to hear this.

In the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries monthly report to the Muscogee County School Board, it was reported that a father, who was recently residing in the Fatherhood Dorm of the Muscogee County Jail and involved in the outreach program to help fathers read to their children, was released and brought his daughter to the Columbus Public Library to apply for a library card.

He also involved his daughter in activities at the library.

Looks like the Fatherhood Dorm is having some success. Here's hoping it leads to more.


We're all about good stories today here at Chatter. So here's an opportunity to give back.

Are you the artsy type looking for an outlet? The city may have something for you.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson posted on her Facebook page that the city is looking for an artist to design and take charge of a "community painting" of a large mural on the renovated Boxwood Recreation Center.

Interested? You can send the mayor a FB message or email Crime Prevention Director Seth Brown at sbrown@columbusga.org.

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