Real Estate Transactions -- December 15

December 14, 2012 


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded November 6 - November 9:

Jack D. Sherrer, Jr., as Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Katherine A. Sherrer to Stephen and Mary Sparks; 6140 Cape Cod Drive; $206,250; residential

D.R. Horton, Inc. to David and Linda Crawford; 2646 Honeysuckle Drive; $193,853

JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA to Amber Brown; 2945 Waterhill Drive; $190,100

Carol Muncy to Edward and Caitlin Sowell; map & parcel 071-023-010; $190,000

Rialto Theater, LLC to W.C. Bradley; map & parcel 004-008-015; $190,000

Stephanie Fisher to Kenneth Robinson, Jr.; 6174 Patriot Court; $189,500; residential

Larry Collins to David and Christine Fluhr; 5426 Chatham Woods Court; $187,500; residential

Nina Saeli f/k/a Nina A. Knuckles to Mason Stewart; 512 Newport Place; $185,000; residential

D.R. Horton, Inc. to Carlise Cummings; 5330 Roundabout Drive; $184,428

Ray M. Wright, Inc. to Timothy Dunningan; 9679 Yarbrough Road; $184,300

Synovus Trust Company, N.A. as Trustee to Jerry and Nancy Schroeder; 2525 Norris Road Unit 117; $183,000; residential

Carlos Coleman to Blaise Otterness; 6122 Chrisbin Drive; $180,500; residential

Donald Bowles, Inc. to Juan Gonzalez; 8231 Lantern Court; $179,900; residential

Charles Booth, Jr. to Charles Booth, III; 3442 Flint Drive; $170,000; residential

J. Albert Wade, Jr., Walter Wright Wade, Elizabeth Wade David, Anne Wade Eatman to Ruth Hubbard; 860 Overlook Drive; $165,000

James Scott, Jr. as Executor of Helen Goodman Scott to Michael Haniotis; 47 Sugar Mill Court; $159,900

Dennis F. Davis to Daniel and Elizabeth Malkinski; 4049 Pickering Drive; $159,900

Eagle & Phenix Mills, LLC to Michael Nulty; 1201 Front Avenue Units 316 and 159; $152,300; residential


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded December 3 - December 7:

6783 Veterans Parkway #A-E; $784,630; Adams Properties; construct warehouse/restaurant

6801 River Road; $8,000; North End, LLC; add/repair other building

8155 Maudie Lane; $48,500; Neighborworks Columbus; add/repair residential building

7345 Sierra Court; $15,000; Kris Breedon; construct storage building

10211 County Line Road; $10,000; Berean Covenant; construct church/religious building

9005 Seedling Drive; $21,000; Napeleon Spencer; construct swimming pool

3107 Mustang Drive; $8,571; Aaron Crawford; add/repair residential building

7787 Kolven Cove; $1,890; Gerald Winkler; add/repair residential building

6224 Misty Court; $5,000; Ken Korish; add/repair residential building

6068 Seaton Drive; $7,890; Kelly Wright; add/repair residential building

9219 Travelers Way $234,417; Donald Bowles, Inc.; erect single family residence

3201 Macon Road; $6,092; Glenwood Cross Country; add/repair other building

2122 Manchester Expressway; $2,224,876; St. Francis Hospital; add/repair other building

2122 Manchester Expressway; $1,400,000; St. Francis Hospital; add/repair other building

2122 Manchester Expressway; $1,182,048; St. Francis Hospital; add/repair other building

710 Center Street; $1,300,000; The Medical Center; add/repair other building

1201 Front Avenue #404-405; $450,000; Mark Olive; add/repair other building

5 Artillery Drive; $79,000; Doristine Goodloe; add/repair residential building

1129 Club House Road; $2,513; Henry Pauling; add/repair residential building

265 23rd Avenue; $3,439; Anthony Turner; add/repair residential building

2122 Manchester Expressway; $929,251; St. Francis Hospital; add/repair other building

1327 Dogwood Avenue; $50,174; Chi Asset Management; erect single family residence

2468 Mesa Street; $6,000; Gorom Behnke; add/repair residential building

776 Andrea Drive; $3,200; Roderick Lewis; construct storage building

4825 Gazelle Drive; $5,000; Walter Hewell; add/repair residential building

4208 Westfield Drive; $1,378; Robert Bridges; add/repair residential building

386 Wickham Drive; $8,119; John Riggins; add/repair residential building

5715 Boby Drive; $18,250; Neighborworks Columbus; add/repair residential building

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