Call for the mailbag

semerson@macon.comDecember 17, 2012 

ATHENS - You're a bit harried. You're a bit stressed. You haven't finished all your shopping, you've heard "Little Drummer Boy" too many times, and you badly need a break.

Well then it's a good time for a Georgia sports mailbag.

I say "sports" because a few people might be interested in the struggles - the immense struggles - of the Bulldog men's basketball team. (The women, on the other hand, are rather good.)

But football season isn't quite over yet. Actually, it's never over. So feel free to ask about anything related to football.

And if you need any gift ideas, I can do my best there too. Or whatever subject you'd like to run by your Georgia and SEC beat writer.

I should also say this: Given the events of last Friday, the memories of which have yet to fade and will not very soon, I realize it's hard to think of any of this as very important. Frankly, it's hard to catch the right tone, and be as sensitive as necessary in this situation. All I can say is that we'll proceed with our normal routine here, not ignoring the horrific tragedy that occurred, but doing our best to provide an outlet and a semblance of normalcy.

As always, you can submit your question by posting below, or e-mailing me at, or tweeting at @sethemerson. I will post the mailbag Friday, so please get your questions in by then. (Note: Originally I said I'd post it Wednesday, but that was poor planning on my part. It'll be best to run it Friday, my last day before the break.)

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