Fort Benning recalls ground beef purchased from the commissary

benw@ledger-enquirer.comDecember 18, 2012 

Fort Benning officials have issued a recall of ground beef purchased from the commissary for a full refund.

Nancy O’Nell, a public affairs spokeswoman for the Defense Commissary Agency in McClellan, Calif., said today the recall is due to the possibility of the beef’s exposure to a foreign, plastic material.

“It was something that was in the bulk tubs we purchased,” she said. “It wasn’t something introduced to the meat. It came to us that way.” The recall includes purchases with a packing date of Dec. 10-15 or sell date of Dec. 11-16, 2012.

“Any fresh ground beef that they purchased at the commissary, they can return it and we will give them a refund,” O’Nell said.

The ground beef was processed beginning on Dec. 10 in the meat department. Officials couldn’t say how many pounds of the beef were processed before officials were notified about the foreign material. “We think there is a possibility this material could be in the product,” she said.

At least $27 worth of ground beef was returned to the commissary on Monday.

Military inspectors have sent ground beef to the lab for testing but officials haven’t received results yet. The beef came to the post from a certified U.S. Department of Agriculture plant. “We notified all the proper authorities,” O’Nell said. “We just mostly want to to bring it back just to be safe.”

Anyone with questions should call the commissary at 706-544-3965, extension 305, during store hours.

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