New stories for the holidays

December 19, 2012 

Let’s start this pre-Christmas version of Chatter with a little Christmas story.

Sort of.

Heard about a quarter of the way through the "The Nutcracker" production Saturday night in the RiverCenter: The teenage son of one of the Columbus Ballet dancers was proud of himself for staying awake, but he wondered aloud when the performers would "talk" during the show.

Not happening.


Talk about big Christmas present.

This close to Christmas, a couple of developments in nearby Opelika and Auburn, Ala., would certainly qualify as pretty nice holiday gifts for the area.

On Monday, Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller announced at a city council meeting that auto parts supplier Daewon America plans to invest $16 million more into its plant there for new equipment. The treat: It means 30 more employees for Daewon and brings its total investment in the Opelika factory to $80 million.

Then, on Tuesday, German auto parts supplier Rausch & Pausch unveiled its plans to open a new plant in Auburn by 2013, investing $18 million into a facility that will make parts for Chrysler and German transmission company ZF. The most delightful gift: The company expects to have 105 people on its payroll within five years.

Said Fuller of Daewon, which makes coil spring and stabilizer bars for several automakers, including Kia and Hyundai: "It is wonderful to see existing industry continue to grow and bring more opportunities for our citizens."

Wonderful, indeed.


Now, some news from the pew.

On Saturday, the Rev. Doug Hahn, former rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church here, was ordained as the bishop of the Diocese of Lexington, Ky. A reception followed the ordination at Christ Church Cathedral, where Lexington Mayor Jim Gray presented the now Right Rev. Hahn, with a gift from the city.

That being Kentucky and they being Episcopalians, Gray presented the new bishop with a bottle of the state's finest bourbon.


And we close with this story of the season, one that hits home here at the Ledger-Enquirer.

When it comes to newspaper carriers, we're thankful for getting our paper delivered on time, in the right place and dry. Then, during the holiday season, carriers often add a generic greeting card. But L-E carrier Richard Miller came through with something more heartfelt this year.

In his note to customers, Miller wrote, "On Saturday I pulled into the driveway of one of my subscribers and the paramedics were there. That caused great sorrow and reflection on my part. I do not know each of you, my subscribers, but you're a part of the greatest creation. Human beings. Some of you I have spoken with on many occasions, some I've never met. However, I want you to know I'm thankful for you and thankful for you being subscribers to the Ledger-Enquirer."

So are we.

And we join Richard in his closing sentiment: "I wish each of you the best and the most joyous family experience. … The blessings of God be upon you."

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