It's true, everybody loves a lover

December 31, 2012 

Everybody loves a love story.

Even me.

So, Friday while trolling Facebook, there it was -- a love story for the ages.

Alabama's AJ McCarron, about a week away from playing for his second national championship and Crimson Tide immortality, is dating Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb of Phenix City.

The good-looking quarterback and the beauty queen. What could be better?

Webb announced the relationship the new-fashion way, with a Twitter picture snapped over the holidays.

All kidding aside, they make a striking couple.

As last Friday progressed, the details of the budding romance emerged. Turns out Webb, who was working in a management position at a Columbus Chick-fil-A a year ago, is an Auburn graduate.

The new couple was described this way in a story on the Montgomery Advertiser website: "This is just like Romeo and Juliet, with Alabama as Montague and Auburn as Capulet. How will this ever work? Cross your fingers."

Now, that's a little over the top.

Some on the Internet suggested that Webb was an Auburn plant to destroy Alabama's championship bid next week against Notre Dame in Miami.

Now, we are way over the top.

Webb, in an interview with the Ledger-Enquirer's Sonya Sorich, put the Auburn-Alabama rivalry this way: "Honestly, it's just a game."

That makes Webb more than just another pretty face. She's smart, too. She gets it. It is just a game.

My the end of the day, word of the romance had spread like kudzu on the World Wide Web.

By personal favorite was the story that made it to -- Webb now lives in Los Angeles, so it is a hometown story for them, too.

They called the relationship between the Alabama quarterback and Auburn beauty queen "SCANDALOUS!"

We're over the top and back where we started now.

There were even others that questioned if this boy-meets-girl story is even news. In this Internet age, it is. There was a time when it would not have been. But that time is not now. Star player of the best team in the land dating Miss Alabama qualifies as news in the new era.

Right or wrong, this story is what we call a "talker."

Here's wishing McCar-ron and Webb the best as they start their journey. I hope, if meant to be, it lasts at least until Auburn wins another national championship, which should give them a good half-century or more of bliss.

But as this has become news, I was left wondering one thing: Too bad they did not have a quarterback romance reporter in Tuscaloosa when Joe Namath was a senior.

Now, that would have been "SCANDALOUS!"

Chuck Williams, senior editor for content,

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