David Pollack happy that Jarvis Jones broke his record

January 1, 2013 

ORLANDO - As you can see from the video above, Jarvis Jones didn't even know until the postgame press conference that he had finally broken David Pollack's sack record.

"Did I break it?" Jones said, when asked what it meant to break that record.

Yes, he did. His two sacks in the first half gave him 14.5 for the season, exceeding the 14 that Pollack had in 2002.

"Oh, I didn't even know," Jones said. "Oh really, so I got the same record? Dang. ... Thanks. I didn't even know. Thank you."

Both of Jones' sacks were not the classic variety: First he got to Nebraska Taylor Martinez as the quarterback slid at the end of the run. The play was chalked up as a pass attempt, and Jones was credited with the sack.

The record-breaking sack came on an intentional grounding call: Jones was on the verge of getting to Martinez, who heaved it out of bounds. The officials ruled he was still in the pocket, and by rule Jones got credit for the sack.

Pollack, who was calling the game for ABC, said the way the sacks happened didn't matter.

"First of all, you have a lot of great rushes a lot of times where you don't get sacks," Pollack said. "He got absolutely dragged to the ground on that one play where he could have killed Martinez from the blind side. That doesn't matter how you get them. I mean I got a lot of garbage sacks in my career that I didn't deserve, I didn't earn, just hustle around and good things happen. ... The kid plays his heart out on every play."

Pollack has consistently said that he wanted Jones to break his record.

"Just for the personal stuff that he's been through, and the type of player he is, and the type of human being he is. I have nothing but respect and admiration. And I'm really happy that that kind of kid with that kind of character did it," Pollack said. "And honestly, he missed two games, and he played two option teams. The dude, it's not even close, he would've smashed me. There's no doubt about it. It's not debatable."

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