Fan poll: Grading Georgia's season

semerson@macon.comJanuary 3, 2013 

Georgia's win in its bowl, and Florida's loss, likely ensures that the Bulldogs will finish the season ranked in the top 5 nationally. But how do the team's own fans view this season? I went to Twitter to find out.

The question was simple: Grade the Bulldogs' season (A+, A, A-, B+, and so on.) And then say why.

Here are the responses, grouped by grades, and scroll to the end to see what the team's official GPA ended up being:


Twelve wins, beat Florida, won our New Year's bowl game and came up 4 yards short of the NC game. Keep some perspective - Clay Waterfill, @clayfill

An "A" because 12 wins is 12 wins. Five yards from an A+. - Mike Youmans, @MrYoumans

Won 12 games. Only a few others can do that this season Bc it's hard to do. Beat all 4 main rivals. Won East. 1 BAD loss. - DawgsOnTop, @mckelley19

They were 5 yards from playing in the big game. 5 yards from an A+. I don't care about the loss to USC. - Steve Chalk, @sjchalk

Five yards from A+. Only the third time in Uga history there is a 12 in the win column. Nothing short of an A worthy - Rob McRae, @rbmcrae

Solid A!! 5 yards from BCS champ game. Only issue was Scar! - Go Dawgs, @cmilies2005

Offense a pleasure to watch. Defense frustrating at times, but this team played with a lead much of the season. - Homeboy Upstairs, @homeboyupstairs

"A", as I think "A+" is only set up for perfection. We got close but no exactly perfect. Yet a FANTASTIC run & great team!!!!!! - Andy M. Johnson, @GeorgiaGunOwner

My only legit complaint is losing to South Carolina in consecutive years. Gave Tide all they could handle. Won bowl. - A Rosenberg, @ARosenberg17

Would be an A+ if they Would have got 7 more yards against Bama on that last drive... - Kyle Szigeti, @CPA_dawg

Four points away from an A+, but still one of the best all-around teams in UGA history. 12 wins, huge records, PASSION. - Ray Baker, @Ray_Baker7

Five yards away from an A+ - Clint Patrick, @clintpat3

Took care of business in all but one game. Got better throughout season. - Joey Jones, @joeyjones3


A+ would have been a national title showing, and an A would have been a SEC title. 12 wins and national respect gets an A-. - Grant Wood, @GrantWoodGA

Laid a great big egg against SC, but finished super strong w/ impressive development on O. Lots to be excited about in '13. - Laura Garrett, @lmgarrett11

We won SEC east. Conference win or not losing to SC would have got an A. Great season though. - Mark Meeks, @mmeeks00

A- would be about right. - Brandon Harper, @BrandonHarper30

Twelve wins and an SEC East championship gets you an "A" but dawgs best win was against that Florida team we saw last night. - Drain, @shane_the_drain

A play away from SECC & Natty shot. But marks off for 1. Not showing up AT ALL vs. SC & 2. Squandering so much talent on D. - TNRLM, @TNRLM

Great year, but D was inconsistent and underperformed; offense was a huge bright spot. - Not Alan, @notalanm

Hard to argue with 12 wins, 1 of best offenses in NCAA; Defense inconsistent/underperformed with multitude of star players. - BEvans, @brantdevans

Pluses: 4 yards from National Championship game, 12 wins; Minuses: Run defense, not showing up for So. Carolina game. - Virgil Cole, @vcolejr

I give overall team A-. Loss to South Carolina was bad. Mike Bobo an A+, Richt an A. Grantham B-. Overcame lots of adversity - Hobnail Boot Blog, @hobnailbootblog

They were gashed on D at times, but you can't bash a 12 win team in the SEC too much. - JP Ott, @jonpaulott

The USC game keeps it from being a solid A. Great season otherwise. - Eric Johnson, @ericleif

Can't get anything less because we got 12 wins but we were embarrassed by USC and came short of our goals. Good year though. - Andrew Holbrook, @aholbrook0523

SEC east championship, wins over UF, UT, Aub, and GT. solid coaching and only 5 yards from a national title shot. - Eric Streitenberger, @estreit4

Great season. The minus is for defense performing short of expectations and performance against the run. - Russ Butcher, @russbutcher

Didn't show up for the SC game but recovered nicely and were 5 yards from Miami and the BCS 'ship. Good bowl win to wrap up - Lucas Puente, @lucaspuente

Twelve wins, bowl win,Florida win, SEC East title . Minus for South Carolina loss & mistakes, softness pre-Shawn Williams tirade. - Robert K. Burnham, @robertkburnham

We also beat most of our rivals and came just short of a national champ bid and an SEC championship. - Andrew Holbrook, @aholbrook0523

Twelve win season, but fell short in Columbia and Atlanta. 12 wins is nothing to be ashamed of but fell short of our goal again. - Alex Crawford, @Alexcrawford12

You only get an A for winning SEC. A+ would be a natty. 12 win seasons don't happen very often. 5 yards and it would be A+. - Drew, @drewgodawgs32

Twelve wins and beat Florida - Dan, @atldan

Housed by SC, uneven yr for D; but, O showed out, D tightenedup when necc,12 wins,bowl V 5 yds from NC. A feel good season. - BJL, @_BJL_

I would give the 2012 Dawgs an A-. Beat FLA, AU, UT and tech but bad loss to Spurrier and 5 yards from glory. - GATA Dawgs, @BassinDawg

Won East, finished in top 5, beat UF, GT, Aub, & Tenn, won bowl. Win SEC for A. Win BCS for A+. - Trey, @cpadawg

Overall a good/great season. A ding for an underachieving defense. Stop the run better -> probable NC birth. - J.D., @jdmyers

A-. - Danny Marshall, @tdannymarshall

A-. - Scott Seckinger, @msseck

A- for me. Quick ? for you, it seemed like Branden Smith was invisible this year. Is that b/c no teams were throwing his way? - Bert Brantley, @bertbrantley

Quick response: Smith didn't play as much, supplanted early by Damian Swann for the second spot.


They had A+ talent but fell short on 2/3 of their biggest stages. - Ben Ralston, @ben_ralston

Lost of #82 and #15 hurt some. D underachieved at times. Would be an A if not for the egg we laid in Columbia. - Joe Moore10, @joemoore10

Great year...but to get an A you have to win the SEC....and to get an have to win the whole thing! A- would be undftd reg season, A would be SEC Champs, A+ would be National Champs. - Tgentry97, @tgentry97

Offense was great. Run defense horrible. To many 2nd half adjustments that should’ve been caught before game started. - Clarke, @SeeLarkeRun

Made it to SEC Championship, but couldn't pull out a victory. Beat Florida. Will finish in the Top 5. - J.J. Collins, @JJ_Danger

Ultimately fell short of the biggest goal which was winning the SEC Championship. - Clint Thomason, @ClintThomason

Given expectations, it's hard to not be disappointed with the defense. Had the USC game turned out differently, maybe an A. - Bruce Baker, @BruceBakerATL

After the loss to SC they didn't let the season fall apart. Then the way they played Bama in the SEC championship game. - Vinson Pope, @vtpope

Offense was outstanding-12 wins-beat UF-Defense average shoulda been elite-embarrassed by S.C.-Coulda made Miami and didn't - RealityCheck, @Blocked4Facts

Can't be an A without winning Sec and getting embarrassed by Carolina, but I do think Richt got some of his swag back. - Bryan Hall, @cattledawgs

Best possible grade for a season that includes no championships and no BCS appearance. - VineyardDawg, @vineyarddawg

Great season (minus Columbia) but no championship and championships SHOULD BE the measuring stick at Georgia. - James Hughes, @@JimmyHughes416

Offense overachieved but D underachieved. Both sides rarely played well at the same time. Above average season overall. - El Tigre Law, @ElTigreLaw

Team expected to compete for MNC 5 yards away; that's good. Record-setting O. No A b/c of up/down slow-start D. I had fun. - Danny Polinsky, @dannypolinsky

Give it a B+. Given all the returners on defense, they should have been dominant all season long. Still, 12 wins is impressive. - Phil Lashley, @phlashley

Twelve wins is not easy but went 2 - 2 in biggest games. - Andy Burns, @asburns1973

Twelve wins, beat Fla, great Bama game but looked bad at SC, bad at run D, spike ball. - J. Lance Bray, @lancerbray

Won the east not the #sec . Offense was great but D under achieved. A for winning #SEC . A+ for getting a BCS title shot. - Brandon, @lowaryb

Anytime you get destroyed in a game like against SC you can't get an A. 12 Wins and SEC East title = successful year! - UGA FANternity, @UGAFanternity


Solid B. Defense underperformed all year, but made plays when they had to. Offense disappeared when it mattered. - Corey Gast, @CoreyGast

Solid B for offensive improvements. Problems stopping the run & SC loss keep from being an A. Murray needs consistency. - Isom Steve Phillips, @IsomPhillips


I give UGA a B-. Would be higher except for SCAR debacle. Without that game, A-. - Dawggirl, @MelissaRabb1

- B-. - Brandt joel, @jbrandtjoal


Final GPA:


Thanks to my lovely wife, a UGA professor, for computing this. She calls it a "very good grade."

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