Real Estate Transactions -- January 5

January 4, 2013 


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded December 3 - December 14:

Glenwood Cross Country Co.,LLC to Levine Investments Ltd. Partnership; Macon Rd.; $1,637,000;

Thomas Boyd III to Jeffrey Hudson; 5075 Midland Trace; $600,000

Elizabeth D Heard f/k/a Elizabeth Heard White to Hill Three,LLC.; map & parcel 102-006-006; $420,000

U.S. Bank National Assoc. to Raymond Tillery; 4024 Creek Bend Ridge; $417,000

St. Stephens Church,Inc. to Easter Seals West Georgia,Inc.; 2591 Double Churches Rd.; $375,000

Jeremy Brewer to Caroline Smith; 421 Westmoreland Rd.; $365,000

Robert Wilkerson to Larry Cline; 8017 Pleasant Ridge Dr.; $305,000;

John Solomon to Garland Glover; 7840 Lynch Rd.; $280,000;

Arnold Boles to Mickey Patel; 8721 Heiferhorn Way; $271,000

Ray M. Wright,Inc. to Tanisha Diggs; map & parcel 128-014-008; $220,000

Bobby Chafin to Devoc Doctor; 5516 Chatham Woods Dr.; $215,000;

Grayhawk Homes,LLC to Alexander Dues; 9249 Garrett Lake Pines; $210,207;

Ray M. Wright,Inc. to Dustin Allen; map & parcel 131-001-001; $207,732;

Marty Wiggins to Reiden Reyes Buen; 9017 Orchard Valley Lane; $200,000;

Barbara Juhan to Ebonee Bryant; 6586 Patriot Dr.; $195,000;

Richard West to Ashley Crosby; 6150 Marlowe Dr.; $194,500

Marta Malott to Gladys Lymburner; 5022 Emerald Isle Ct.; $175,000

Bobbie Pulliam to Leroy Liles,Jr.; 7601 Barron Ct.; $172,500

Eagle & Frost Construction Svcs,LLC to Cecil Simpkins,Jr.; 7964 Brooks Crossing Dr.; $164,500

Susan McDaniel to Robert Densmore; 4806 St. Francis Ave.; $159,900


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded December 17 - December 21:

1506 6TH Ave,; $160,000; P & R Investments,Et Al; add/repair other building

1115 Broadway; $6,000; Marlene A Lemieux.; add/repair other building

524 10th Ave.; $13,300; Lance; add/repair other building

3207 Victory Dr.; $4000; Kirt Courtney; add/repair other building

842 Rigdon Rd.; $7500; Mildred Gardner; add/repair residential building

2431 Rice St.; $1266.61; Dorothy Burgess; add/repair residential building

4113 15th Ave.; $4121; Thomas Hittrell; add/repair residential building

3207 Sue Mack Dr.; $22,268.16; West Pryor; erect residential garage

213 Meloy Dr.; $20,000; Larnell Hinton; add/repair residential building

3 Pam Ct. #1,2,3,4; $188,500; N. Jean Richards; add/repair other building

816 Englewood Dr.; $587.93; Clyde Farmer; add/repair residential building

748 Crestline Dr.; $2599.75; Kimberly Crumbs; erect storage building

6543 Buena Vista Rd.; $2999.75; Anne Chicot erect storage building

6105 Bayberry Dr.; $1899.75; Jessie Newsom; erect storage building

1807 Woodhollow Dr.; $3610; Fred Mabry; add/repair residential building

4624 Marie Ave.; $4556; Shawna Hall; add/repair residential building

4426 Forrest Rd.; $3699.75; Theodore Williams; erect storage building

4111 Savannah Dr.; $16,519; Colleen Warrick; add/repair residential building

4111 Savannah Dr.; $2307.88; Colleen Warrick; erect storage building

3202 Archer Way; $4320; Freddie Rowell; erect storage building

864 Chesapeake Way; $80,000; Harvey Milner; add/repair residential building

755 Red Oak Dr.; $3399.75; Bobby Lovejoy; erect storage building

735 Asa Dr.; $2300; Rochelle Niggeman; erect storage building

5560 Saratoga Dr.; $2200; Greg Coates; erect storage building


Selected building permits in Harris County, recorded December 13 - December 19:

373 Northlake Dr.; $332,280; Trademark Quality Homes; erect single family dwelling

6020 Lick Skillet Rd.; $269,035; Southland Homes; erect single family dwelling

140 Garden Grove Dr.; $223,145; Edgar Hughston Builders; erect single family dwelling

2130 Plantation Creek Rd.; $201,630; Batchelor Quality Homes; erect single family dwelling

177 Savior Lane; $116,480; Ronald Hudson; add/repair residential building

930 Boat Club Rd.; $17,160; Ann Colvard; add/repair residential building

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