5 Questions with Jason Chin:

January 6, 2013 

Which services are available through The Mobile Music School?

The Mobile Music School is the first business of its kind in West Georgia. Currently serving Columbus, LaGrange. Newnan, Peachtree City and the surrounding areas, our professionally trained staff -- which numbers seven and growing -- provides the same services as any other private instruction studio, but in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We offer lessons in guitar, piano, drums, violin, voice and much more, and a meet-or-beat rate policy for any professional competitor.

Is there an ideal age to introduce a child to a musical instrument?

This is a complicated question. While many prodigies began playing as soon as they were physically capable of holding their instruments (Itzhak Perlman comes to mind), I find the ideal age to be in a child's adolescence, during their first years of self-discovery.

However, I've personally taught students ranging from the ages of 4 to 82, with good success. It's more a matter of persistence, self-belief and displaying a teachable attitude than it is age.

When it comes to teaching children music, is technology an asset or a distraction?

While instructional guides (whether via YouTube or book) are certain

ly no replacement for individual instruction, a knowledgeable teacher should be capable of incorporating technology to their students' benefit -- especially in the information age.

Does Muscogee County need an arts academy?

The patronage in Columbus for the fine arts is admirable, and difficult to find in other cities. However, this particular program seems to be causing an appearance of class warfare and fund-cutting for schools in need. Perhaps the money would be better spent for the arts programs in the existing schools in the county.

What's the best-kept secret in the Chattahoochee Valley?

While I may be a bit biased -- having studied under Dr. Zohn -- some of the best classical guitarists in the world have traveled through the Columbus area, seemingly unknown to the local population.

I vividly remember having an old studio-mate pass through a gig I was playing and casually ask, "Are you coming to see Barrueco tonight?" As it turns out, Manuel Barrueco -- THE premier classical guitarist in the world -- was in town to perform and teach a master class. There were only a handful of us in attendance at this master class, all "in the know", as it were.

The classical guitar studio at CSU is becoming one of the premier undergrad programs in the Southeast, if not the country.

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